Angels History

“Make yourself familiar with the Angels, and behold them frequently in Spirit:  for without being seen, they are present with you.”
St. Francis de Sales

Our Archangels are logoic and Holy Spiritual Beings, who build, govern over and project themselves into the universes. Within Absolute Beingness are Orders of Archangels, Holy Monadic Beings, each Order containing myriad upon myriad of Beings of the same kind. We know of the existence of twelve Archangelic Orders: Thrones, Authorities, Dominions Principalities, Overlords, Seraphims and Cherabims together with other named and unnamed. They possess Total Wisdom, Love, Power and Absolute Self-awareness. Angels are elementals of Archangels. 


Our Archangels are eternal holy spiritual entities that serve creation. Major holy spiritual archangels are, for example, the Michael, master of the element of light and fire; Gabriel, master of the element of water; Raphael, master of etheric vitality; and Uriel, coordinator of the other three. Archangels perpetually project angelic elementals — angels — to serve creation. There are also logoic archangels, like Yohannan, who are at higher levels of spiritual hierarchy. Human beings are also logoic archangels in the process of awakening into their godly state.

We know of the existence of twelve Archangelic Orders: Thrones, Authorities, Dominions, Principalities, Overlords, Seraphims and Cherubims, along with others named and unnamed.

No one has ever spoken in detail of the kind of vibrations of the Archangels who belong to the higher echelons of the Orders. Few have come close enough to these Orders to attune to them. Human language, in any case, proves inadequate to describe their splendor.

When a human being descends into the worlds of separation, an Archangel of the Thrones accompanies him as his Guardian Archangel. Even if we are unaware of his presence, our Guardian Archangel, with whom we are egofied (united), is always caring for us.



The Archangels of the elements concern us in our research and meditations as they are most intimately involved in our well-being and advancement. Their names are not of human origin, but rather the resonance of each Order’s vibration.  The phenomenon of life in all the kingdoms is the work of the Archangels of the elements.

When a human being first incarnates into the lower worlds it does so with one Archangel from each Order of the elements. Thus, within the bodies of every human being there work a Michael, a Gabriel, a Raphael, a Uriel and a Shamael. Shamael, who is the angel of earth, is the elemental projection of Lucifer, the Archangel of light and keeper of duality. Shamael is not himself and Archangel.

Let us now look at the way they serve our material body. As the angel of earth and minerals, and in everlasting cooperation with the Archangels, Shamael provides us with the material for bones, our muscles and the organs of the body. Michael gives us bodily warmth and rich red blood. Gabriel gives us the body >s various fluids. Raphael provides our etheric vitality and plays an invaluable role in maintaining our health. During the night these Archangels work in our resting bodies to enact repairs toward good health.

Corresponding to their immaculate labors in our material body the Archangels also help build and maintain our psychical and noetical bodies and their respective etheric doubles. They work in a similar manner throughout all the universes.

We must learn to work self-consciously with the Archangels of the elements in the maintenance of health and well-being, and also to consciously benefit from their wisdom and love. Exercises and meditations will help us develop awareness of the Archangelic Orders.

Archangels are constantly creating such images, in accordance with the Divine forms, when they shape universes and worlds, and when they form angels to watch over their work.

The Holy Spirit and It’s co-workers — the Archangels — work with Total Wisdom and Super-consciousness in the material body and related worlds, to engender the phenomenon of life.

We must remember though, that the permanent personality and our Guardian Archangel are not apart from us looking down, but are within us all along.   We know, furthermore, that humanity before passing through the Human Idea, is an Archangel within Archangelic Orders.

Does an Archangel posses Self-awareness? Certainly, but not the Self-awareness common to human beings. The Archangel possesses Total Wisdom, and knows the Laws and Causes and their expressions. It does not, however, display the phenomenon of Self-awareness in various stages as humanity does. The Archangel has no subconscious, nor self-conscious, nor super-conscious Self-awareness. It has Absolute Self-awareness. Perhaps Total Wisdom knows the nature of Total Wisdom? Perhaps light knows the nature of light?

Before their expression, Human Beings and Archangels, as Holy Monads, differ little from each other. Later, however, when they return to be within Absolute Beingness, the difference is great. The Archangels of the elements — of fire, of liquid, of earth, of ether — do not obtain conscious Self-awareness in any of their expressions. This is because they had their Being and were exposed to whatever experiences they had, without being able to make comparisons. An Archangel of fire uses this element with total wisdom, but does not know the emotions and thoughts which are aroused by the presence of this element.

So, we see that the Archangels of the elements are all-wise without possessing human Self-awareness. One is like another; one lives within all and all live within one.

The Archangel indeed possesses everything, except the capacity to measure and compare.

In the parable of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11 – 32) the father gives the returning son a ring. This ring is a symbol of mastery of time and space, as a circle with no beginning nor end –eternity–. His brother — an Archangel –, who has never left his father’s side, complains that he is offered nothing in return for his obedience. Yet the gift to the Prodigal Son is well earned, for he has toiled long and hard in the worlds of separation.

For anyone to determine the nature of the Archangels, the angels or human beings within Absolute Beingness, it is essential to acquire the capability to total attunement and at-one-ment. It is necessary to go beyond the nature of human Self-awareness, which is focused upon place-time events, and to enter the reality of life, by achieving super-conscious Self-awareness, which extends into stages of ecstasy.

The Archangels communicate with each other, but with a language different from our own; their communication is primarily through the medium of love.

For the Archangels, however, words have no meaning, as every communication is emitted and absorbed as a universal idea-shape.

The language of Archangels covers a broad spectrum of colors and sounds. The sounds uttered by the Archangels bring about the creation of the universes. They use the supersubstance of Mind in a perfect way and produce creative vibrations, which shape and put matter into place and order according to the Law. When a human being develops to the point at which he learns of these vibrations, which require no material tongue for their production, but only the heart be attuned to them, then he can produce the same sounds and become a master of materialization and dematerialization amongst other abilities.

Within the Absolute Super Self-aware Self-sufficiency of Absolute Beingness are the Holy Monadic Beings, Orders of Archangels, with each Order containing myriad upon myriad of Beings of the same type.

We know of the existence of twelve Archangelic Orders: of Thrones, of Authorities, of Dominions, of Principalities, of Overlords, Seraphims along with others, named and unnamed. No one has ever spoken in detail of the kind of vibrations of the Archangels who belong to the higher echelons of the Orders, because few have come close enough to these Orders to be attuned to them.

The Dominions or Overlordships are, by their nature, beyond any research because they differ little from Absolute Beingness, from the human point of view. Most of us cannot understand the vibrations of these Archangels, perhaps because they are more within Divine Self-sufficiency than within Divine Will-pleasure.

Let us turn to the subject of our Guardian Archangel, who is from the Order of the Thrones, and who accompanies us during all our incarnations. This Archangel is in no way different from the Archangels of the Order of the Thrones, while also in at-one-ment with all the Archangels. In a similar manner the Self-aware Soul is an expression of the Human as Holy Monad. What we can say about this Archangel from the Thrones is that It is always inside us, to the extent that several systems of research call It the “twin soul”. We do not resort to any such conjectures, however, because we know that the Guardian Archangel is not identical with our Ego-Self. It has its own eternal nature and existence. It can, however, by attuning to our senses come to resemble us.

The Archangels keep the planets in balance in space and control their relationship with their parent, the sun, which is their headquarters – as far as we earthlings are concerned.

The various forms of plants and animals do not possess an eternal self-aware nature, but are breaths of life, whose experiences are transferred directly to the Archangel, which represents them.

We see a human being “die” – we prefer to say “pass-over” – what is the characteristic of the corpse? Earth, everything becomes a gas and returns to earth. What is not dissolved and takes its departure is our present personality. Raphael is the first Archangel to depart for it is he who cuts the silver cord, in his capacity as the controller of etheric vitality. Then the departing personality sets flight, accompanied by Archangel Michael, who in leaving takes his warmth with him, which explains why a dead body rapidly cools.

Together with Michael, Gabriel also departs and abandons the water element, so that he ceases to coordinate the working of the body’s various liquids. The coordinating Archangel Uriel also leaves. The only one who does not follow them is Shamael, the angel of earth, who, as such, remains with the earth.

Michael, Gabriel and Raphael work simultaneously in the material, psychic and noetical bodies through the etheric doubles of each body.

In the psychic body, however, Raphael and Gabriel play the principal roles, since they have a closer connection with etheric matter, while Michael plays a secondary role.

Then, when the psychic body is discarded, at the time of the so-called “second death”, these Archangels work together on the noetical body. Raphael, again, has the predominant role at that stage, as controller of Mind, in its pure state. Similarly, Michael’s work there is of greater intensity, while it is Gabriel who plays a secondary role.