These teachings should be most precious for those who want to get out of the confusion and know the Truth.  These teachings are based on my own experiences.  Of course, these experiences coincide with the teachings of the great ones who have lived in the past centuries. The teachings of Buddha, of Confucius, of all the old mystics from Egypt and the other countries, confirmed by the Godman, Joshua Emmanuel the Christ.   All these teachings are included in the New Testament teachings.  But they mean nothing unless they become your way of life. Just reading and acknowledging that this is the Truth (and nothing more than that), is not enough.  Now, what is our Christian religion teaching us? I don’t mean the cardinals and bishops and the patriarchs. They don’t know what they say. The commandment of the Godman, Joshua Emmanuel the Christ, was, “Love God, with all your mind and all your heart and love every other fellow-man as your own self, not less.” So those claiming to call themselves Researchers of Truth should start with an open and loving heart towards his or he fellow-men. The first qualification in his or her work is love: love to God, to the Absolute Infinite Reality, to the Absolute Infinite Beingness, to the Absolute Infinite Selfhood, and love for every other human being. What I’ll say is from my own experiences and will sooner or later be your own experiences too. It is the comeback the return to our real Self. It is the finding of our real Self.  We should be very careful now. Self is a different thing from the consciousness which the personality self is expressing. Don’t mix them up. Most people, even advanced students in the esoteric teachings, make the mistake to mix up the consciousness with the self. No. The consciousness is the expression of the self through the Mind.  Yet, what is behind the consciousness? The real Self. The real Self is God, while the Mind is not. The Self is divine. The Mind is holy – not divine, because, the Mind emanates from God – the Absolute Infinite Beingness. Understanding what we are and what we are not. This is the way, this is the aim of the Teachings. What is the other way that 80% of the people are going through? It is the way of destiny, the law of cause and effect, which the Hindus call Karma. It is the Whip of Destiny. Everybody will come back home. The prodigal son cannot remain in the brothels. Sooner or later he will return back home to his own divine nature.

Excerpts from Stoa Lessons by Dr. Stylianos Atteshlis (known as Daskalos)