Circle of Possibilities

From a Stoa Lecture given by Daskalos on 19  APRIL  1994 Called:

“You can enter those things, enter into the Circle of their Possibilities, exercise your will power and produce what you want. I’ll give you an example. When I was in Kinshasa (Zaire, Africa) I saw a nice creeper with lovely three-colored leaves having nice bluish flowers. I brought some with me and planted them in my house. They grew. But, they need very hot weather to flower. A friend of mine who studied botany brought me a book. We talked about that kind of creeper. I told him, “Look here, there are also other colors of these flowers.” He said, “Yes, but usually they are bluish or violet.” I told him, “Come and see.” I brought him to the yard of my house. “Is that the plant you are talking about?” He said, “Yes, the leaves are like it, but of course that can’t be.” I said, “Are you sure? I brought it from Kinshasa, from Zaire, and its flowers will be bluish.” He said, “How can you prove that to me?” It was nearly Christmas. At night it was frosty outside. Water was turning to ice. I told him, “Come after tomorrow.” 

I went to the plant, saw it, gave it my love and I told it by making an elemental, “I want you to give at least two or three flowers.” Which means, by attunement to something you become master of it – of the animal kingdom, of the vegetable kingdom. Two days later he came to me. He didn’t know the surprise I was going to give him. Three flowers were blooming open. “Is everything as I said?” “But, that’s not possible!” I said, “It is possible”. He said, “How did you do it?” I said, “I’ll need hours to explain and still you won’t understand it.” If you enjoy nature, nature loves you.

This is the power of what I call attunement to something. These are great powers, of course. But, is that all? Is this our aim? No! You still have to develop more, I won’t call them powers but, unfolding your nature as a Spirit-Soul, to enter in the at-one-ment with God, with nature, see Him everywhere, love Him, and enjoy His Love. So, in at-one-ment or becoming one you are entering in the Oneness of the Logos. Now, there are no words to explain to you what that is, except that it is real bliss. If you reach that you will find out the value of life, what is Life, Light, Love – synonyms.

This is what Joshua Emmanuel the Christ came to teach the people, the world. He came to teach His Oneness, to teach us, “Love God, with all your heart,” the heart He had given us, “with all your soul,” your Soul-Self, your beingness, “with all your mind,” the intelligence, the Mind He is granting us, “and with all your beingness.” This is what He said in Greek and in Aramaic. And He said to love every other human being not less than we love our own self. Which self? Our Soul-Ego Being. Because, as Soul-Ego Beings, all of us are in the Logos Oneness.”

-Dr. Stylianos Atteshlis (Daskalos)