“Angels transcend every religion, every philosophy, every creed. In fact angels have no religion as we know it… their existence precedes every religious system that has ever existed on earth.”
St. Thomas Aquinas

The Archangels of the elements concern us in our research and meditations as they are most intimately involved in our well-being and advancement. Their names are not of human origin, but rather the resonance of each Order’s vibration. From the beginning of man’s attempt to portray the Archangels and Angels, artist have most often depicted them with wings. The image of winged angles became accepted in most cultures across the world.  However these heavenly eternal beings do not have feathery wings – they are not birds. They do however emanate streams of light  from their forms that have given those who experience them the impression of wings of light.



‘The Great God”. In Sanskrit Maha means great and El stands for God (as it does in Ancient Egyptian and Hebrew). Appropriately we find the suffix El in all the Archangelic names. Michael’s light is red, in all its shades, and he is the Archangel of light and fire.  Michael gives us the bodily warmth, and the warm red blood.

Color of Vibration: shades of red



THE ORDER OF GABRIEL, or in the ancient Egyptian language pronunciated, Kha-Vir-El.

Ga or Ka denotes desire, sentiment, and expressed love. Bir or Vir indicates element. Gabriel’s light is sky-blue in many different shades, and he is the ruler of water and the liquids. Gabriel is the steward of the entire physical kingdom and gives us the body’s various fluids.

Color of Vibrations: shades of brilliantly azure




In ancient Egyptian language Ra stands for the sun, and Fa, for vibration: “Sun-vibration-God”. Raphael, the Archangel of energy, is characterized by the shades of violet. This color derives from the mixture of red (Michael) and blue (Gabriel), and thus tallies with the role of Raphael as fellow-worker with the other two. The planet in its entirety is within the Raphael’s domain, who controls the electromagnetic forces, etheric vitality, and plays an invaluable role in the maintenance Of good health in each of us.

Color of Vibrations: shades of violet




Who coordinates the work of all the Archangels within the gross material body, is Uriel – U-Ra-El, as known to the Egyptian forefathers. U stands for space and Ra for the sun: “Space-Sun-God”. The great harmonizer of substance, Uriel keeps the Universal Law of Order and Harmony, both within and between each body. Uriel is the great harmonizer and balancer of substance.

Color of Vibrations – shades of silvery-white light.

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