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Thy Will Be Done

(Advice to Psychotherapists)

Stoa Lesson By Daskalos on SEPTEMBER, 1  1992

“Our Father, Thou art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy Name, Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our transgressions as we forgive those who are transgressing against us. Lead us while being in temptation and deliver us from evil, for Thine is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory, forever. Amen.

In yesterday’s lesson we have hinted the aims, which should be in the minds of those claiming to call themselves Seekers of the Truth. One should start with an open and loving heart towards his fellow men. The first qualification in his work is love: love to God, to the Absolute Infinite Reality, to the Absolute Infinite Beingness, to the Absolute Infinite Selfhood, and love for every other human being. The commandment of the Godman, Joshua Emmanuel the Christ, was, “Love God, with all your mind and all your heart and love every other fellow-man as your own self, not less.”

Now, Joshua Emmanuel the Christ was preaching in Greek language of that time. What He said is, “Arapisis kyrios o theosofu exstolisti the aniasu geexstolisti cardiasu, gedon plisionsu osson aftosu.” He used the word “plision” which is not neighbor. It is mistranslated. And, “your neighbor as yourself” is also mistranslated. Neighbor is “yidon” and not “plision”. (We should have in our minds certain mistakes, which were maybe inevitable in translating the Greek language of that time.)

So, the first qualification of the Seeker of the Truth is to love the Absolute Infinite Reality, the Absolute Infinite Beingness, God, the Absolute Infinite Selfhood (our source as human beings, expressing a petty personal self), and of course, every other human being as our own selves, not less. This is the commandment of the Godman. We must have it in our mind.

We also said that the system we are using is, what I call, Christian mysticism or the Esoteric Teaching. Of course, I don’t say that from the East and from elsewhere the Truth is less valuable than the same Truth given by Joshua the Christ. For this reason a Seeker of the Truth is free to select with an open mind using reason. There are no restrictions in seeking the Truth. But, I repeat something I said so many times: in our garden we have all and maybe better species of flowers than in the gardens of our neighbors. I don’t undervalue the flowers from the gardens of our neighbors, but – we should not undervalue the flowers from our own Christian garden. And something else, which I have said many times: bees of our beehive are allowed to go around and pick up wax and honey from the flowers of our neighbors’ gardens. Pick up wax and honey but – be careful! Sometimes, there are poisonous flowers also! We must have this in our mind. A Seeker of the Truth has reasoning all the time in his mind – not doing blindly something just because others have done it or others are suggesting it. We must keep an open mind.

So, these are the qualities of a Seeker of the Truth. Now, what are the real aims? Study to know the relative truth concerning life and all the phenomena of life around us in the material world – for the time being. But, when a Seeker of the Truth, a man or a woman, raises his consciousness to the levels of self-consciousness and is able to express himself and live self-consciously in the so-called psychical plane (which is one of the duties of a Seeker of the Truth) then he will also study the conditions and life in the world of the four dimensions. And raising his consciousness to the levels of Self-Superconsciousness he will be able to live Self-Super consciously now in the world of the fifth dimension, I mean the noetical plane. So, his or her life is extended to higher and higher levels and is not confined to our gross material plane only.

Yes, our gross material plane as a world is a real paradise. A real paradise as all the other planes created by the Holy Archangels and the Holy Spirit. Yet, I would say that more light, more beauty, can be seen and enjoyed in the other worlds: in the psychical and in the noetical. Of course, this is one of the aims of a Seeker of the Truth – to be able, as a Present-Day Personality, after getting rid of the obstacles in his way (that means eliminating and annihilating completely the personal egoism and feeling being the Spirit-Soul Self), to express himself in all the realms of the Worlds of Existence.

Now, what we can know by the knowledge given by the all those great ones from these past centuries and what we ourselves can find out investigating, is that the Eternal Infinite Present, the Infinite Now, is always, eternally, beyond the sense of time. This is the World of the Absolute Infinite Beingness, of the Absolute Infinite Reality, of the Absolute Infinite Selfhood, of God, God the Father.

We should not claim, just with a handful of mud, of clay, as our material brain is, to understand what is this Absolute Infinite Beingness. This is impossible. It is incomprehensible, yet – the Reality. Nobody can doubt that the Absolute Infinite Reality – is.

And now, in the Absolute Infinite Reality exists the Will/Pleasure of the Infinite Reality to express Itself. Where? In Itself, because – the Absolute Infinite Beingness is Omnipresent. This we can understand a little. We cannot claim to know more as long as we are living as human beings in a gross material body, in an uncontrolled psychical body and in an uncontrolled, I would say, noetical body. But, when one raises his personality’s consciousness to higher and higher levels, and starts using the Mind in the proper way (as a crystal-clear mirror) to see himself or herself in it as the Spirit-Soul, then he can grasp a part of the incomprehensible Reality (to the human intelligence) concerning God and the Heavenly things. Because, after all, the Kingdom of the Heavens is in us. That is our real nature as Spirit-Soul Selves.

Our development is without boundaries. Let us hear now the persuasion of the Godman, Joshua Emmanuel the Christ. Persuading us that this is possible, for all of us, He said, “All of ye be perfect as perfect is your Heavenly Father”. This is a persuasion! So, this is possible for a human being, but, I repeat – after getting free from the obstacles (his personal egoism). Reaching, by attunement, the levels of at-one-ment, and by the knowledge of the Reality and of the relative truth governing the Worlds of Existence, getting to know what he or she, as human beings now, cannot understand. Human eyes cannot look at the sun; there is nothing more dangerous to the human eyes than the light of the sun. Gazing at the sun will burn our eyes, and I am telling you that there is nothing more dangerous to the gross material brain, that handful clay in our skull, than trying to understand the incomprehensible. It is not by our mind that we will see God. That’s clear. Joshua Emmanuel said that “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God”. It is through love, because – God is love.

But now, what’s love? It’s another matter that needs much, much study to be understood. To understand what is love we must be sure that we got free from the clutches of our personal egoism, distorting love even into dirty emotions.

So, it’s one of the duties of a Seeker of the Truth, man or woman, to know the relative truth concerning love. How? By hard study, introspection, observation, and meditation. Study the nature of the desires of the present-day self and the emotions. This is one of the serious tasks which every human being should engage himself with: study the nature of desire and of emotion, and find the difference between emotion and love. Great difference indeed – as it is between the shadow and the light. Through introspection and serious study a Seeker of the Truth can reach the relative truth. So, every moment, a Seeker of the Truth (a man or a woman) has work to do: living in the material world, using observation, to reason and understand what is life in a material body and then study the so-called self, even of the Present-Day Personality. The result will be that one day the Seeker of the Truth will find himself or herself free from the burden of desires, emotions, and impressions of the gross material world (which are the difficulties one will meet).

One should free himself or herself, by study, concentration and meditation, from the confusion nearly every living being is in now (living in a material body, in the gross material world). Believe me, there is much, much confusion everywhere on the planet, in every nation, in every society. And especially – today there is no place on the planet where there is no bloodshed. Unfortunately, everywhere, everywhere human beings are living in confusion and in the shadow of ignorance. Our duty is to – wake up, and try (by our example to the others) to show the way to reality, to the Reality. So, this means hard work.

Some of you here are claiming to be psychotherapists, men and women. I’ll put you a question now, “Are you satisfied with what you have succeeded until the present moment?” The other day I had a Hindu, a young woman, a psychiatrist, from London. She came to me saying, “Sir, I do nothing and I’m thinking of closing down my clinic. I don’t have successes at all as a psychiatrist.” I said, “No. You are wrong to do that. You should qualify yourself to be a good psychotherapist and psychiatrist. What you have learned in your university cannot serve you.” And of course, she attended three or four lessons, privately (I had time then to dispose for this purpose). I explained to her what I will explain to you now. “Are you sure”, I said “dear lady, that you love?” I asked her if she was a Christian or a Buddhist, or anything else. She was smiling and not giving any answer. “Well, it doesn’t matter. Do you love the Absolute Infinite Reality?” She said, “Yes, there must be a God we don’t know.” “Very good. Can you love every other human being, man or woman, as your own self?” She was looking at me and said, “Is that possible?” I said, “Of course, it is. Of course it is possible. Are you practicing this profession for money?” She said, “Of course, I am a psychiatrist!” Then I said, “Look here, first of all you must care about the health of the other fellow to start studying the real way of making psychoanalysis: by loving that fellow, by approaching that fellow-man or woman not as a doctor but as a loving friend. Behaving as a friend and not as a doctor, so that this fellow will trust you and come to you. Then you can help him. The first thing.

The second thing, “Do you know what is the etheric vitality? She said, “Sir, is that what we call the animal magnetism?” I said, “I don’t care what name we are giving it. It’s a kind of energy. We call it etheric vitality. Did you study esoteric teachings to understand how the material body works? What is the so-called etheric double of your material body?” She said, “Very little by studying some theosophical books, but without paying much attention.” I said, “Reading books is not enough. You have to practice.” And I explained to this good lady that the so-called etheric double is the mould in which, molecule by molecule, atom by atom, our gross material body is built by the Holy Archangels of the Elements, the Archangels of the Element of Water, of Fire, of Ether, and so on.

These are the lessons, which we have given many, many, many, many times on tapes and even in books. A Seeker of the Truth should know this reality.

And then, I explained to this good lady how she can use consciously, at the beginning, this so-called etheric double she was using without knowing, and then self-consciously, how to control it and know its properties, and what she can do with it. This is one of the duties of the Seeker of the Truth who wants to do that great work of mercy we call psychotherapy. Really … this is a holy work and you must understand that you are dealing with holy stuff, with holy material, with holy substance.

So, for the Seeker of the Truth, a man or a woman, his or her etheric double should be a reality, a reality which he or she can use. We gave many lessons on this matter. We’ll give it now also, to some of you, because I feel in the minds of you the eagerness to know more and more about the etheric double.

We said that a human being – not because the books are writing it or the others have found it out: I am speaking of my own experiences and you should investigate it yourselves as Seekers of the Truth … We have and we are living in three bodies. In the so-called material body, with its etheric double, in our so-called emotional or psychical body (some call it astral body – I don’t understand why they give it this name) with its etheric double, and in a noetical body with its etheric double, yet – living subconsciously in these three bodies without being aware. Awakened, we are living at the same time and in the material body and in the psychical body and in the noetical body. These bodies have a form and they belong to the Worlds of Existence (whose characteristic is – the form). So, the so-called the psychical and the noetical bodies are not shapeless, and our human form is in reality beyond that. It is our so-called Spirit-Soul body. There we are the principle and the form, then (lower) its expression: the idea of the divine, Heavenly Man, and of our human existence.

So, all of you have to investigate that – not just accept it because I said so or because you can read it in a book. By practicing you will be sure, first – of its existence. Then, you will master it, master the so-called etheric double. And I repeat, the etheric double is the mould in which and by which the material body (with all the organs) is built up, molecule by molecule, atom by atom. A clairvoyant can see the etheric double of a human being and its aura. It radiates an aura, which is visible and can be traced. (For us it is just to work with it.)

We classify these qualities of the etheric double into four states. (There are more, but I am not allowed to speak openly now. We are not going to create black magicians.) I will state the four qualities of the etheric double with which we will start working, exercising – consciously. (We are using it subconsciously now without understanding it and knowing it.) One of the qualities of this etheric double is the aesthetic or the feeling-giving ether. It is that quality of the etheric double that makes you feel if they pinch you, feel the cold, generally: feel that you are living in a material body. This is the quality of the etheric double I call aesthetic from the Greek word aesthesis. The other state of it is what I call the kinetic ether. What is making you able to move about, raise your hand and do so much work? Did you ever start thinking, “How am I doing that?” To get a skill in your hands, in your feet, you are using your material body. Did you start to think, “How am I doing that?” So, subconsciously you are using the kinetic ether! Yet, only by moving parts of your material body. There are still more uses of this kinetic ether in the body and in projecting the so-called elementals. It’s a vast field of study.

We have, we said, the aesthetic ether, the kinetic ether, and now the most important what, I call, the imprinting ether. You are using it subconsciously from higher levels. How? It is something that the psychical body, the body of desires and emotions is exciting in you, inside you – the desire: you see something, you don’t forget it, you are away and you can close your eyes and see it because you want it, because it is impressing on you. It is that vibration of the psychical body we call desire, desire of getting, of having, of possessing. Subconsciously, you have created it and you can bring it forward in your memory any moment. That doesn’t need much skill. Even an illiterate boy can do it, but – subconsciously. We should do it through visualization – consciously, and later self-consciously – to control it. This is not “magic” but what I call, psychical and spiritual development. So, now we have the imprinting ether. By it one should become the master of the Mind in building, constructing elementals.

What are elementals and why we call them so? Definitely, an elemental has a form. (Nothing can exist without a form.) Whether we give a form to the elemental by visualization (or desire), still – it gets a form itself (without our knowing it ourselves). A form is always given or rather – taken by an elemental. Everything that comes to our attention, even before thinking about it, creates an elemental. This elemental is animated or vitalized by us – by concentrating our attention to it (by a desire of having something). This is how an elemental is created. Now, an elemental has its own life, a life independent from the life of the person creating it or revitalizing it. The sum-total of the elementals we have created and kept active, which we have energized and re-energized from the psychic atmosphere, is composing our so-called Present-Day Personality.

So, the Present-Day Personality (I call it the egoism of your Present-Day Personality) is not your Self. You make the mistake to think that it is your Self. When will you find out that you are mistaken? After serious introspection, studying the conditions, studying and expressing the will power of your real Self-Ego, and seeing the faults you have made. No that your egoism has made. It was your egoism who has made them, but now – you can make corrections.

Yesterday, I gave an example in introspection and pointed out that your egoism will appear at that moment. That is the time to catch it and say, “No, you are not me. I am deciding”. Then you will find out that you are not your present-day self (as weaknesses, as faults, as habits, as the way of behaving) but – that you are the Soul in it that is giving it life.

Of course, I cannot say more. You must find it out in deep introspection, looking within, studying the petty present-day self of your personality (I mean the egoism) and investigating who you really are, reasoning, deciding and controlling. Then you will find your real Self free from the influences of your personality’s egoism.

So, your personality is double: you and the egoism. You have to disentangle yourself. How? I said, using the etheric double in introspection, by visualization, which leads to what I’ll call ecstasies, contemplation, knowing, and giving the true conception. Of course these are very, very difficult things to be explained in any language; these are the things you have to find out by hard work in introspection.

Now again, this is applied to those who claim to call themselves psychotherapists. Definitely, you must know the nature of the elementals, because – you will work them. The elementals will do the work (the laborers), but the will is of the Holy Spirit and God. So, you must have in mind that when you see a phenomenon of an illness being cured – you are not doing that. It’s the Holy Spirit. Just feel contented to be the instrument of the Holy Spirit in giving the etheric vitality necessary for the curing. No human being himself has cured any other human being. Even the Godman, Joshua the Christ (feeling as a human being) said, “It is God within me that is doing the works,” – not me as a human being. You must have that in your mind. Never claim that you have successes in psychic healing.

Yet, you may say, “But, since you said that your material hands or legs, atrophied legs, can become all right, just a phenomena people are calling miracles, are you not doing it?” I say, “No, I am not doing it.” Because, the substance we call the etheric vitality is not yours. It works through you. Even your hands are not yours. Your hands are His, not yours. To be in good health is the work of the Archangels working in your body through the etheric double. We (as personalities) should not have any claim. There will be successes, but not – we have successes.

Another point of view. When you start doing the healing work say, “Thy will be done, not mine “. There is no injustice by God (the Super Intelligence, the Omnipresence you call God) for someone to suffer from an illness, or for giving certain human beings illnesses and diseases. They are there because there is a reason for that – a transgression which put out of balance the harmony, and the harmony must come back in balance. The Hindus call it “karma”. Christ said, “What a man sows, so he shall reap.” The orthodox science is calling it the cause and effect or the law of relativity. So, it exists in the material world too. Have in mind that everything happening to a fellow is by the will of God. To punish a fellow? No, giving a precious lesson to that fellow. There is no punishing God. God our Father is most merciful and loving. But, when a physical, emotional, or noetical law is violated – balance must be restored. This is the Law of God: balance, order and harmony. If such things happen to a fellow, an illness of the material or of the psychical body is due because of his own faults.

So, at first, we have to help that fellow by our love. With psychoanalysis try to make those conditions which will relieve that personality from its guilt or from its faults – so that the Holy Spirit may make the curing through your etheric double. You may do that with your hands, but that is not necessary. Sometimes people need that you put your hands. Yet, a psychotherapist must train himself or herself in, what I call, the absent healing, which is more effective (sometimes). Having in our mind all these things we will surrender our will to the Divine Will of God.

I may say again: our ardent wish to see the patient well is a very good factor, which will help. When Christ was doing any serious, very serious curing, He was taking with him Peter and his two cousins Yaqub and Yohannan (James and John the Evangelist). Why? Because – their vitality was helping also. And something else you must note, when He was treating a serious illness, apart from asking a fellow to meditate on his faults, He used to say, “Your sins are forgiven”. Of course, you are not Joshua Emmanuel the Christ to forgive ills, but – He could do it. This means that it is necessary to have the patient relieved of his guilt for doing something. Help him by advising him to set himself free from hatreds, complaints, and many, many other conditions of his psychical body, so that you may see a cure taking place.

So, the first qualification is love. The second, having near you those who can help you. And now, something else. He (Christ) was sending people away in many, many cases. Why? Because, if in your surroundings of doing the psychical work, even one fellow doubts and sends negative thoughts, he may influence negatively your work. So, when you do the work of healing don’t have near you people with negative thoughts. Have some other friends, loving friends: they love you, and you love them, and they wish to cooperate in the curing in the healing of that person.

So, you have to train yourself, as I said, in becoming a master of the etheric vitality. How? Again – by practical work.

Close your eyes now. Breathe deeply (you must control the breath) and with your visualization (that means, the imprinting ether) see the etheric vitality entering in with every breath, storing it with the aesthetic ether in a part of your material body. Of course, by practice, you will be able to do it. In exhaling, that etheric vitality is not coming out, only dirty air comes out. Then, inhale again and see with your mind this etheric vitality (our daily bread from Heaven), as aesthetic ether, in your material body. Feel it in the whole of your material body. Then start feeling it in a certain part of the body: on a leg, on a hand, on the face, on some other places.

Now, a warning! Of course, on and in the etheric double there are centers of energy, as whirlpools of etheric vitality. The Hindus are calling them “charkas”. Nothing more dangerous than concentrating on these charkas. The Holy Archangels of Creation, of the Elements, are using these centers of energy. Of course, we can concentrate on the navel, the charka of the solar plexus, without any danger. By practice you will find out that the solar plexus in the belly is the storehouse of this etheric vitality (stored as energy in another two centers nearby, the liver and the spleen). The Holy Archangels are doing their work there on, what I call, the warm blood. Now, concentrating in the belly there is no danger. It is the only center you are allowed to concentrate. You may feel it without running any danger.

The genitals are another very serious center of vitality. Nature takes care of that and the Holy Archangels of Creation. No need to concentrate there. It is the work of nature. We will not give more information on that.

Now, another serious center of energy is the heart. Never concentrate on the heart! That’s most dangerous. It is the work of the Logos. Don’t concentrate but – clean it. Take out the evil. Just – put Christ in your heart. By concentrating on the heart you may create injuries to the heart and to the body.

There is another center in the thyroid you can concentrate on. This center is to clean the blood. Every 13, 14 or 15 minutes says the orthodox science, the whole blood is passing through the thyroid and the thyroid is killing viruses. It is of great importance. Of course, you can feel it (concentrating means feeling) and make a wish that good health should be in your material body (that means – storing an elemental of good health there).

Now, never concentrate intensely in the head, in the material brains. You may cause much injury. Of course, concentrate, but – not with tension – calmly, so that there will not be any injury.

Also, you may concentrate on a distance of about 3 to 4 inches from the root of the nose. Never concentrate on the eyes! Never look into the mirror thinking that you are developing clairvoyance – nothing more dangerous to the human material eyes. Never! Yet, closing your eyes and trying to concentrate on a distance of 3 to 4 inches from the root of the nose you may develop a kind of clairvoyance.

Now, concentration on the solar plexus – what does it help? This was a known practice to all the people in the past and we find it even in the Old Testament. It opens the gates from the material world to the psychical world. Yes, but is that safe for everybody to do? (Nowadays, monks are doing it in certain monasteries.) Well, once opening these gates it is difficult to close them down afterwards.

You will get to know that the psychical plane is divided into seven planes, and each plane is divided into another seven sub planes, so we have 49 sub planes, and there are still more divisions. These sub planes are the conditions, which human beings have created, composing the shell-hells and the shell-paradises of some people. This is another branch of study. You will get to learn all this after your raise your consciousness to the levels of Self-Superconsciousness, living Self-Super consciously in the psychical plane. Until then, you have time to study more about it.

Now, the psychical plane. The lower psychical planes are the places where the shell-hells of some people are found, and opening yourself you’ll find yourself exactly in that sub plane with which you are vibrating. So, are you sure you don’t hate? Are you sure you don’t have complaints against anybody in your heart? Are you sure you don’t have the feeling and the wish to take revenge against anybody? Are you sure you are calm? If not – don’t try, because – you will find yourself in such a state in the psychical plane which will give you nightmares. What’s the use of it then? Opening yourself into such states (giving you nightmares) you can be of no help to anybody.

So, before purifying the Present-Day Personality one should not try opening the gates towards the psychical plane (self-consciously). In every 24 hours, for some hours, you find yourself in the psychical plane, but due to the mercy of God, you are not awakened there. Because, if you were awakened, you would be suffering. Yet, when someone purifies himself or herself just to that kind of self-consciousness, which is necessary, then he feels himself awakened to higher planes of the psychical world, without any effort – thinking that he is seeing beautiful dreams. Yet, there are no such things as dreams! There are only experiences in the so-called psychical world. Dreams? Such things do not exist – only experiences.

Yet, there is something you should note now. If you have a camera and go to see a very lovely landscape, place, or scenery, and you press the button and then you see another nice place and again you press the button without turning the film, and so for a third time and a fourth time … and then, you go to develop that film. What will be on the photograph, those lovely sceneries and landscapes? Of course not. So, what you call confused dreams is – the wrong way of receiving the impressions and passing them over through the material brain. You cannot judge the differences between the course of time in the two worlds, in the psychical and in the material world.

Of course, by introspection, by practice and by developing your self-consciousness and knowing more, and more, and more, you will know how to attune yourself to various circumstances and for you there will not be any more confused dreams from the psychical plane but a continuous, conscious and reasonable way of living. Yet, is this confused way of living not happening to us even while in this material world? Of course, this happens also.

So, a psychical experience should be accompanied by purity, by the spirit of observing intensely and by being alert and ready to understand and see clearly. Of course, you will gain all these things by practice in the course of years, not to say – centuries. But, even in years you can get somewhere.

Now, for the psychotherapists. We want first of all a loving heart. Second: continuous practicing to become masters of the Mind-etheric vitality, as the aesthetic ether, and in training yourself by introspection and visualization to construct powerful elementals loaded with this vitality, and implants them to your patients. These are the main reasons of success. Don’t think that what I call the Esoteric Teaching is an easy thing.

I was giving a lesson some years ago to a scientist of our inner circle and he confessed and said, “I didn’t find any difficulty while being at the university studying medicine and some other things also, as I find the difficulty now”. What I want to say is that studying Life, studying the Self, studying the conditions of your present-day self is the science of sciences. You must have that in your mind. Any science is a concentration on a certain subject to know the relative truth concerning it. You can concentrate on a certain point, on a certain science, but – what we call the Esoteric Teaching and studying Life and the Self is many-sided and it needs much more attention, more sincerity with ourselves and our study, and time. It needs time!

I think I have answered the questions of many of you without you asking me to give a reply. I got them from your own minds.

Now, to meditate.

Relax completely. To relax completely means mastery over the aesthetic ether. Feel you are in the material body. You are concentrating on the aesthetic ether now in your material body. Feel all your material body – not with tension, but completely relaxed. Feel your material body. You have the right to call it yours.

Put a question to yourself now, “At this moment I am feeling being in this material body. My blood is circulating – the blood is circulating in the bodies of all human beings whether they know it or not. There are so many, so many kinds of work in my material body for it to be kept in good health. So many organs in the material body, and each organ performing its own work, cooperating with all the other organs. Who is supervising this most precious creative work? The Holy Archangels of the Elements, because – as the material body and its etheric double, we are composed of the Elements, of Water, of Earth and especially of the Etheric Vitality. Now, through my etheric double, I am conscious of my body. I feel it. This is the aesthetic ether, the feeling-giving ether.”

Concentrate in the material body or rather in the etheric double of your material body.

Now feel only your feet, the toes of your feet. You are doing work on the kinetic ether, the movement-giving ether. Feel now your knees, from your toes go to your knees. Feel your knees. Feel the whole foot from the knees down only. Concentrate on both feet from the knees down only. Now feel until the place you are sitting on the chair. Feel your two feet from that place to the toes. Feel the thighs, the knees, the feet. Now feel you are in your belly from the sternum to the genitals. Take deep comfortable breaths and feel the whole belly. Many organs are functioning there under the wisdom of the great intelligences, the Archangels of the Creation. Feel and concentrate now on the solar plexus, on the navel. Feel going up now from the solar plexus to the thyroid through the whole chest, back to the shoulder blades and the two lungs. Breathe deeply and comfortably into the lungs now. Feel the vitality in your lungs. Don’t concentrate on the heart.

Breathe and feel the lungs and say with your mind “I want perfect health to reign in this material body of mine”. Breathe deeply, filling your system with the etheric vitality, “Give us this day our daily bread”. This is our daily bread, the etheric vitality, the bread from the heavens, which is the Mind-etheric vitality.

Now, go up to the head. Feel your face, your eyes, feel the whole face, feel your ears, and now feel inside the head, calmly, not with tension. See with your mind a sun of canary-yellow light shining from inside your head. Your head becomes a shining sun of canary-yellow light, and say, “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, in us as it is in heaven.”