Stoa Lessons

Stoa Lessons by Dr. Stylianos Atteshlis ~ Daskalos  

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    “Something else I want just to point out. Please, the lessons are not for sale. Do I charge anything for the lessons I am giving you? Do you give anything? No. 

    Also, the treatment of these people is not for gain. We don’t charge anything for the treatment or for the lessons. Which means: I allow you to get this lesson on tapes (& transcriptions) . Some, in the past, were copying the tapes and selling them. Please, I don’t like that.

    If you have the tapes and certain friends, and you want them to hear them, invite them to your home; or, if you trust them to give them. Good. Yet, if they want to copy them, copy it for them – for the real Seekers of the Truth. But, don’t copy these tapes (& transcriptions) and sell them. Please, because, these things have happened in the past.

    St. Matthew writes in his Gospel, “You receive without cost; give without charge (10:8)”. The gifts from God are rich and plentiful. In our labors to awaken this world to God’s light we should refrain from taking any material gain.”

Strovolos, Nicosia Cyprus