Concerning Erevna

There has been much misunderstanding on the relationship of Daskalos, the teachings of the Researchers of Truth and the Cyprus based organization calling itself Erevna. Contrary to what has been written in Markides’ book, Fire In The Heart, there is no relationship between Daskalos and the Erevna as you can see below.

A message from Daskalos:

“Please be advised that our System has no affiliation to a Cyprus-based organization known as the Erevna. We only wish the best for all efforts engaged in refining the consciousness of humanity. Furthermore, I wish you to know that I have disassociated myself from Mr. Markides and his imaginative writings.

  • Contrary to that stated elsewhere, I have no single successor. Rather I ask each of you to work with the Teachings and each other as Brother and Sister Researchers together on a path towards greater conscious engagement in the Divine Plan. A Master is not a Master by name but by word and deed. We need not rely on so-called Masters when life itself is the most complete and faithful teacher.
  • I bless each of you and the good work you are doing.

With eternal love,
Dr. Stylianos Atteshlis”

– Daskalos