A System for the Research of Truth as recently presented by Dr. Stylianos Atteshlis [Daskalos]

[ A System is an organized set of interdependent doctrines, ideas, or principles that work together as a unified whole ]

We must not underestimate a System of Research which in the past has given us true saints that have reached levels of super-conscious self-awareness, and have given us phenomena called miracles.  In reality they are not miracles, they are states of knowledge beyond usual knowledge, and undoubtedly one step higher towards completion and wisdom. 

Now, what is our System for the Research of Truth? We are Christians following the Christian doctrine: Love God and Love all other human beings not less than you love your own self.  Which means our System is the doctrine of Love. Now, in the Bible, in the Gospel, they have taken out much of the great truth. But there is much in it yet. We said that the system [the System for the Research of Truth] we are using is what I call, Christian mysticism or the Esoteric Teaching. Of course, I don’t say that from the East and from elsewhere the Truth is less valuable than the same Truth given by Joshua the Christ. For this reason a Researcher of the Truth is free to select with an open mind using reason. There are no restrictions in seeking the Truth. But, I repeat something I said so many times: in our garden we have all and maybe better species of flowers than in the gardens of our neighbors. I don’t undervalue the flowers from the gardens of our neighbors, but we should not undervalue the flowers from our own Christian garden. And something else, which I have said many times: bees of our beehive are allowed to go around and pick up wax and honey from the flowers of our neighbors’ gardens. Pick up wax and honey but – be careful! Sometimes, there are poisonous flowers also. We must have this in our mind. We must keep an open mind.  But a Researcher of Truth has reasoning all the time in his mind – not doing blindly something just because others have done it or others are suggesting it.

The founders of the modern system of the research of the truth, for us, was Ham-El-Khior [Melchior], one of the wise kings who were having in mind the prophecy of Buddha, and came to worship Christ. So he founded the present system we are following. What is the difference between this system and the system of the Old Egyptians? I mean the system of Akhenaton worshipping Aton. No great difference! Because the Essenes of Egypt were worshipping “AllahaElat”, that means “The Lord Aton”. Today the Essenes, and even the Hebrews, are calling GodAdonaiMelek.

Excerpts from Stoa Lessons by Dr. Stylianos Atteshlis (known as Daskalos)