Healing Balls of Light

There cannot be bad colours! But – there is a ‘but’ for the psychotherapists when they send colour-light balls to patients. They have to know what colours are necessary to treat certain illnesses.

If you have a person who is very nervous, shouting and easily getting angry, you may make this person a lunatic if you send the red colour. Why? This person vibrates strongly, and you send stronger vibrations. But it doesn’t mean that the red colour is bad, because it makes an angry person furious!

If you have someone who is suffering from anaemia or leukaemia, you have to send the red colour to strengthen the blood!

If you have a person who does not believe in God, in the Absolute Super-intelligence, or in men or in love, and who is living most miserably, you flood this person with the blue colour. The blue colour is giving to this person such vibrations as piety and concentration to something higher, to God.

If you have a God-loving human being, he or she is not in need of your blue colour. He or she may need more reason than emotional adoration. For this you have the golden colour.

So every colour has certain qualities. And you have to use reason, when and where to apply it. That’s it. There are no bad colours.