Good Health Exercise

Etheric Balls of Light –  Exercise to Revitalize and Bring Good Health 

First relax the material body completely. Breathe deeply and comfortably, feeling you are in your material body1

By using the imprinting ether, see a sphere of blue/white light. The center of the sphere is inside your belly at the location of your solar plexus   Using kinetic ether spread this misty blue sphere of light through out the abdomen extending a few inches beyond the material body. This ball of blue light should be perfectly round. Keep your attention on this ball of light as you breath deeply. With each breath the light becomes clearer and stronger.

Next fill the chest with a rosy/white light, using the imprinting ether  and sensate ether Make the sphere from sternum to bottom of thyroid. Don’t mix the blue and rosy colors, keep the spheres and colors separate. See the misty rose light spread through your chest extending a few inches beyond the material body. Breathe deeply.

Next with imprinting ether visualize a bright orange colored ball in the throat (thyroid) the size of an orange. This will kill the germs in the blood. While visualizing, make a wish that the blood is free of germs. Breathe deeply.

Next with visualize a golden sphere, extending 12 inches from the head and in the head. Don’t concentrate heavily in the head, it will cause headache. But, feel as if your head is floating in this golden sphere, in and around your head. Breathe deeply.

Breathe deeply and visualize your body in these colors with each sphere separately radiating its color without blending. Wish good heath to your material, emotional and mental bodies.

The etheric vitality is classified into four distinct characteristics – creative, sensate, imprinting and kinetic

creative ether builds and maintains all the forms and phenomena of life

imprinting ether is used to shape etheric vitality

sensate ether is the “feeling giving” ether 

kinetic ether facilitates motion