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What is the Aim of the Researchers of Truth?

So now, what is the aim of the Researchers of Truth? First, to study and know who and what we are and what we should be. That is to understand what life in God is.Now, when we say we are brothers and sisters in the independent circles of the Researchers of the Truth, what must we aim at? So, a Researcher of the Truth should have his aim and know where that road is leading to. Not just working aimlessly and blindly. That means, not wasting your Super-substance of the Mind, but, making good use of the Mind. Because, believe me, the Mind, though not divine, is holy. So the aim is to know the real Self. To reach the Self-realization by making the good use of the Mind.

All through these centuries which have passed, the great ones (many great ones) all over the world, in all the nations and civilizations, have engaged themselves with this research of the Truth and they all reached the same conclusions which they have stated in their own way, and in their own language of course. The Godman, Joshua Emmanuel the Christ, the Essene, had given the doctrine of Christianity, explaining more on the relative truth concerning the Absolute Infinite Beingness [God], as far as the human intelligence could understand, giving us a code of life leading to this great Truth. He has called Himself the Way, Truth and Life.Just in these three words we find the whole teaching.

Many systems for self-development have been given to Man, at all times, by great teachers. All these systems aim at taking one out of the confusion, out of one’s illusions, to free the personality of Man from the ignorance, leading Man to Self-Realisation. Some of these systems and all kinds of Yoga are very good for some people, for other people a very dangerous undertaking. Especially some ways of breathing that aim at opening or at awakening certain energy centres in their material body. These centres of energy, although they coincide with certain material organs in the material body, are centres of energy on the etheric double of the material body. Concentrating on some of them, especially the centre coinciding with the material heart is dangerous, it can cause heart troubles.

The System for the Research of the Truth that the seekers of the Truth are using today is the Symbol of Life. It is a purely Christian System, having in it nothing of the Hindu Systems. It is a System embracing Science and Religion, free from the egoistic narrow-mindedness, and free from dogmatic fanaticism. It is a System of Scientific Research and of LOVE to all, a system free from danger. It is a System concerning Life, God the Absolute Infinite Beingness, the Logos, the Holy Spirit, the Archangelic Beings, and the Human Beings.

Exercises in the safe way of breathing, in concentration, in right-meditation, in observation, in contemplation, in form-building (visualisation), which lead to intuition and raise the personality’s consciousness to higher and higher levels of consciousness (to the levels of Self-consciousness, the Soul consciousness, to Self-Super-consciousness, and the Spirit Self-Super-consciousness) are given and supervised by the Brother-Instructor and Guide of the Order for the Research of the Truth.

So we begin to separate our present self-aware personality from the Self-Aware Permanent Personality [Inner Self]. If we don’t achieve this we can’t progress. Now you will tell me, what is the benefit of all this? There is a great deal of benefit. First of all we will find our real Self and feel satisfied because nothing of material nature can bring us lasting happiness, and there will always be dissatisfaction until we find our real Self. As soon as we find that truth, egoism will be replaced by dignity and self-respect, which will spring from the knowledge of truth. At the same time within it we will find satisfaction and an answer to all our tormenting problems. The shadow of the Soul Self, which we believe is our self, changes from day to day, and one day it will die, that is the physical body will decompose. He who hasn’t found his Self-aware Soul, and hasn’t felt: “I am the soul and I have a body and can leave it or take it any time I want to”, will fear death. However, death and the material body’s decomposition, is one thing and self-awareness is another. When the present personality frees itself from anger and hurt and the pettiness of everyday living – then it will perceive the “I am I” and under that “I” there is no name male or female. It is Self-Awareness beyond gender, name or nationality, just Self-awareness.

The most important aims of the research of truth are: To love your fellow man and God, and most important of all for our circles is to love all, without favoritism and discrimination whatsoever. Organizations which have made this error have crumbled. Our aim will be the research of truth, nothing more. Persons do not have meaning, only the truth has. Reflect on this. Personality cults are a grave sin, each one of us is a temple and within our Inner Self we will find our God and move on. It is the task of every individual to make progress. The real gain will be from within each one of us. Unfortunately man has the habit of correcting everybody else around him, except himself. With us the opposite will take place, we will help each other after we have corrected ourselves, for how can we help others if we are in the dark ourselves?

We must know that the pulse of Life in every human being, in his time-and-placepersonality, is the Soul but it is wrapped with the veils of darkness and ruled by the demon human elemental called egoism. The aim is not for that part which we call wicked or evil to die or to be destroyed, but to be transmuted into its own nature. That means you are not going to hate your present-day personality, for God’s sake. You are going just to transmute it to your real Self. Nobody hates his children; he loves them, even if they are naughty. They will grow up. Our aim is not destroying or dissolving, but transmuting, changing to the inner reality.So, a human being (man or a woman) even being most wicked, has the Soul essence in them. Sooner or later that Soul will purify the whole personality of that man or woman.

So what is the real purpose of life on the material worlds? It is to find our latent, real Self and manifest it. This is the aim not only of the Researchers of Truth but of all human beings…it is the aim of life.