Our Three Bodies

“Let us create man to our image and according to our likeness.”
 You may read it in the Bible. God said “Let us create man …” – to whom was this said? Of course, it was said (expressed) to the Archangelic orders . They are the Lords of the Elements. It is through the elements the new entity as a human being was created (by the Lords of the Elements).

We have three bodies. Saint Paul revealed that in his letters. Many other great ones spoke about these three bodies. The gross material body, the so-called psychical body, and the noetical and the noetic body. They all speak about these three bodies. Confucius did in “The Law”,  Buddha did also.  You can find it in all the mystical systems. As the Soul we are dressed with these bodies. So, these Holy Archangels of the Elements start creating the atoms with which they will build our bodies, dressing the Idea of Man with Total Wisdom. First, they create the noetical body. Then, in it, they create the so-called psychical body. And, in the noetical and psychical bodies, they create the physical atoms, building the material body. A human being is using  complete, independent, bodies  (the material body, psychical body and the noetical body) to express himself.

That means, you become material, with a material body, and you get a psychical body (the body of your emotions) and a noetical body (the mind body), the body of your thoughts.


Material body

Reality for everybody is his material body. We live in the material plane in our material body. The material plane is of the three dimensions. Who doubts that he has a material body?  Everybody knows that he has a material body, moving about with it and doing many, many things. But we are much much more than just a material body. One should get what is most necessary for his life, to live his life in the material world, in the material body, in a better way. In knowing the Truth which will liberate you from all kinds of illusions, pain, sorrow, and despair.

Psychical body 

We also have a psychical body (to express ourselves emotionally). We live in the psychical plane in our psychical body.  The psychical body is not like the material body. Life there is much easier. It is your thought in the psychical plane that makes forms and conditions. The psychical plane is of four dimensions.  It is difficult to explain more about the psychical plane. Yet, the psychical plane is a place one can live and enjoy more easily, and feel happy – if he wants to.  That is if he is not under the burden of his own strong emotions, weaknesses and hatreds.  Unless you become the masters of your psychical body (your emotions) you cannot use it in the exosomatosis after you go to sleep. That’s the body you use in what we call the psychical plane and, unless you know what it is and how to use it, you’ll never become self-conscious in it.

Noetical body

We also have a noetical body (also called the spiritual body  by Saint Paul) to express ourselves as thoughts and logic, reason.  Mind again vibrating but this time at still higher vibrations creating our noetical body which has a similar  human form as the psychical and material bodies. We live in the noetical planes in our noetical body. The noetical plane is of five dimensions. It is the mind world. There is more light. Much more light.  A fellow passing from the psychical to the noetical plane will see it as more light.  The noetical body is bright and brilliant – indestructible.


So, all those bodies  are connected and – one body is influencing the other. Now, everyone of you at this moment, in what you call the common everyday self-consciousness, are living at the same time in three bodies – in a material body, in a psychical body, and in a noetical body. Yet, how active are they? And who are you living in these bodies now?  

So, it’s our duty to do what? To try to make a proper psychical body and unfold our self-consciousness in it. But first of all, we have to unfold our self-consciousness on the material plane in the material body and to form our noetical body, control our thoughts, become masters of our thoughts. Now, by unfolding more of our Soul self-consciousness, manifesting our divine power we call attunement, unfolding our Self-Superconsciousness in at-one-ment with the divine – what do we find? That we are all gods, sons of the Almighty.

We manifest our self through the material body, through the psychical body, and through the noetical body – the bodies are ours – but  they are not our real Self. I am a different entity.   We said that the bodies are not our Self. They have been created! They are kept in good order by the Holy Archangels, and we live in them by grace – not by right. By the Grace of God!   When a Seeker of the Truth gets to understand this great event, the work of the Holy Archangels,  and after knowing his material body,  his psychic body and his noetical body, then he understands.  He understands that the aim and the purpose of God was not to create a stupid personality, an egoistic personality, a devilish egoist, but to create man as a reflection of the real Spirit-Soul-Ego! To be as pure as is the inner Self. This is the purpose of God. “Let us create man to our image and according to our likeness.”  

NOTE: The material body has an etheric double, the psychical body has an etheric double and the noetical body has an etheric double which are connected with our bodies in the worlds of expression. The etheric doubles act as links between the bodies.