Burning Questions

Be a burning question.  There must be a burning “why?” in front of you, which requires an answer. You’ll have to answer yourself so that you’ll know the reality.I said, create a burning question. What does this mean? Fire. What does it mean? When Yohannan [John] the Baptist had seen Christ (his cousin) coming to him he said to his disciples, “I baptize you in water, but He, who is coming after me, will baptize you in fire and in spirit.” That burning question to know leads you to the baptism of fire. And, this Light-Fire can burn all the straw of material rubbish: Hatred, envy, and many, many other vices.

I said in a lesson that a mystic should be a burning question mark – “Why?”  He must expect to get an answer. Because he must know that everything around obeys certain laws. These laws should be under a “why” for everything, expecting a reason behind it in order to find the Total Wisdom of the Infinite Beingness – God. You will find that everything is governed by the Super Intelligence. If you don’t like the word God and if you don’t like even the word Infinite Beingness, say Super Intelligence, which you cannot deny that it exists around you, in you and everywhere!

What is the way? You, as a Present-Day-Personality now (a man or a woman, having names), expressing a self in various ways (as your Present-Day-Personality – emotionally and by thinking), have to say “Who am I now? George? John? Helen? Mary? Am I really that, or am I a creation of circumstances in time and space?” Then, you’ll find the answer again from what you call your “lower” self – the present-day-personality, which says: “I am not satisfied by being what I am.” There is something more. Something more and more.” I am telling you: nothing on the material plane can make a man or a woman as a personality satisfied (for a long time). You may think that this is an illness, this personality’s dissatisfaction. It is and – it isn’t. It is because you don’t take things as they are now to live them and get the next lesson to learn. It is a kind of an illness. But, it isn’t from the point of view of your Soul because nothing material and nothing temporary can give satisfaction. And – you are also the Soul-consciousness.

You must analyze these things and study them, and find the solution. The way is having a burning question mark for everything!   Demand of a logical reply. This is our way.Now, as a Present-Day-Personality of a man or a woman you are expressing a human intelligence; which means a way of thinking and reasoning. Sometime you feel the need of knowing more and more. What are you and everyone trying all the time? Knowing things through the five senses about the outside world is what human beings are calling life (in the material world). Who is looking within? Nobody cares now! Nobody knows that he has an etheric double of his material body, a psychical body with its etheric double, and a noetical, or mind body, with its etheric double! And, when somebody who knows is telling you this, you wonder do you really have this so-called psychical body. And a mind body? Yet, you are using them – subconsciously (as I said), expressing emotions, desires, thoughts and all that.  These are only the expressions of your present-day-personality. By starting to analyze them (self-analysis, as I call it, on the “lower” plane) you will find the answer. But, you have to work for it. You have to work to find your way out of ignorance.

Excerpts from Stoa Lessons by Dr. Stylianos Atteshlis (known as Daskalos)