Jesus Christ & Christianity

From Words of Truth By Dr. Stylianos Atteshlis [Daskalos]

Now we come to the religions, all the religions of the world, throughout the centuries. There was in the beginning a gentle, a good, a big effort. Later many who had a certain power and who were prepared to exercise their power with force entered the Church hierarchy. They tried to impose themselves in order to limit the gentle and the good effort, and above all to restrict any research. And we see the result in all the religions, East and West.

Christianity. Yes, the substance of Christianity as religion and our own Orthodox dogma has much depth, much truth, but who penetrates the depths? Almost none.

Ancient Greek philosophy, Egyptian philosophy, Indian philosophy and others, they have all very great depth. They all are ways to the truth. In the Christian religion and in other systems and religions we find the use of myth-making. The people tried to conceal the truth in order to avoid its exploitation by the profane. Today all is changed. The truth is, and it must be, the property of all. Today human beings can face their responsibilities. Moreover science advances. We have atomic scientists who can destroy cities in one moment. The danger exists.

So, the researcher of the truth of today, unlike the Mystic of the past, does no longer have to conceal great truths by myths, out of fear that someone who would penetrate into the substance of reality could acquire powers that he might exploit and make bad use of against his fellowmen. And I wonder, are there not a thousand other ways or means to defraud your fellowmen? Weapons?

The Truth. What is the Truth? Did somebody until now tell us something about the Truth? The much beloved Joshua [Jesus Christ] said: “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” These are three synonyms, and he said “I”. And the Apostle and Evangelist John (Yiohannan) said about the Christ Logos that he is “the light that gives light to all men coming into the world.” Consequently, this light, which is the self-awareness in each human being, is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

However, how shall we find it? How shall we get started? And which truth shall we find? What is truth?

Can human beings materialize things from the Mind? Jesus Christ came and said: “See what I do. The one who has faith as little as a mustard seed can move mountains. He can do what I do and greater things”. You can read it in the New Testament in the sayings of Christ. He came just to say who we really are. This is what Christianity means in reality. Not what we call Christianity today as dogmas. It is better not to use any other characteristics, to avoid mentioning criminality and killing.


From the Stoa Lessons by Dr. Stylianos Atteshlis

14 Jun 1977

I want to address another point. Even though the Christ Logos is the light which enlightens every human being coming into the world as Total Wisdom, Total Power and Total Love and Goodness, even though Christ is the leading figure that gives the soul-self-awareness its dress, yet we are not the Beloved Christ nor will we be lost in Him sometime nor will we be annihilated in His own consciousness and self-awareness. (Of course, don’t forget that the Christ Logos is doing His work in cooperation with the Holy Spirit, who mainly dynamically gives the noetical, psychical and material bodies and the etheric doubles).

Many eastern religions believe that the consciousness of man expands and enters in the cosmic consciousness, and some Christians believe that it enters in the Christ consciousness and is lost there. Both are wrong. Let us hear Christ’s words to his apostles: “I go to my father and your father, my god and your god”.
Christ never saw us as his slaves, but as his brothers. The words of Christ have deep meaning.

13 Nov 1989

Our religion is the religion of love and mercy. We are Christians and we can be proud of it. Do we criticize the dogmas? No. They are according to the mentality of various people in various times. We must respect these dogmas. But we cannot accept bad actions of those administering a dogma. The Greek Orthodox, the Roman Catholics and even the Protestants have committed many crimes.

But these actions do not at all affect the teaching of Christianity. Unfortunately, many atheists who see the behavior of these people came to the conclusion of denying the existence of God. Sooner or later, however, they will come back to reason.

30 Mar 1990

Which is the true religion? Love! Christ came in the world to teach love. Nothing more than that! “I came to complete the Law”, He said. And so he did. The Christian religion as well as other religions are based only on this sentence: “Love God with all your heart and with all your mind, and love your neighbour as yourself.” This is the meaning of Christianity (not the teaching of certain priests).

Many atheists are fighting religion. But what did they succeed to do until now? Nothing. If a religion represents the truth, then that truth is light and it cannot be extinguished or annihilated. The only religion that will prevail is the religion of love. Love as a necessity. But whether out of necessity or because we acknowledge and realize it, love will prevail. Love and truth are synonyms.

25 Sep 1989

Before starting to give the lesson, I want to say what we believe. First of all, we are Christians! This does not mean that we don’t respect all other religions; all flowers are very precious. Some of them are in our garden, and some in the gardens of others. We respect all other religions, but I insist and say that we are Christians! When we say we are Christians, what do we really mean, and what should we mean by the word Christians? First of all, we should be very proud to be Christians, because we believe in the truth. How is Christianity in the world today and how was it some centuries ago? Now we find many dogmas – the Roman Catholic dogma, the Greek Orthodox dogma, the Maronites, the Armenians, the Protestants, and amongst them many heresies. Yet they all call themselves Christians. The Almighty God is merciful for the stupidity of men. Do all these dogmas really believe in the Lord of love and life, who is the beloved Christ, or do they think they believe? This is the point! Happily, all this short-sightedness is slowly vanishing through the coming ages. Before some years, the schism between the Roman Catholic Church and the Greek Orthodox Church was erased – a step forward towards the truth.

What is it to be a Christian? For me, it is to follow the beloved Christ. What do we as Researchers of the Truth believe and why do we believe in that? Christ said: “Know the truth and the truth will liberate you”. From what? From ignorance and all the other vices in the world. When I was in London to give some lectures, they put me the question: “You are a doctor of philosophy and a doctor of divinity, apart from the other university degrees. How do you reconcile that? What can it be – religion and science?” I replied: “In reality, they are two different paths leading to the same goal. If one is on the tip of the one finger and the other is on the other tip of the other finger, they are two separate things. But when they proceed towards the palm, they are one.” First of all, what are religions all over the world aiming at? Due to necessity and fear of the unknown, Man through the past centuries has formed the super-substance of the mind in creating gods – many gods in all places of the world. What were all those gods? Did they really exist? Do they exist now? Yes, because they were elementals of human beings created through necessity and fear. And all the gods in the past were just to the measures of those who created and projected them. We know that people strengthen an elemental when they are faithful to it. We teach what elementals are, what they do and how we can use them for the good. What are elementals? Every emotion and every thought creates a form from the formless super-substance of the mind. Christ is speaking about these forms, calling them spirits without logic and without substance [mute & meaningless]. And He speaks about the nature of the elementals Man is casting and what they do when they come back to those who either project them or vibrate in the same rate of vibrations with them. Through the centuries, they called them ‘spirits of bison’ or many other names. They are energies in certain forms, they existed and they do exist now. Nothing is lost.
Now we come back to Christianity. In the past, many gods have been created as elementals in the same way in all parts of the world. They were as powerful as were the thoughts of those who projected them.

Do such elementals exist after Christ? Is Christ today an elemental? Are there elementals bearing the name of Christ, of Virgin Mary or of the various saints? Do they exist now? I tell you, they do. But do we, as true Christians, believe in those elementals? Can we worship those elementals, because they exist and have an energy, either to guide or to misguide those who created or projected them? Of course, not. We had the great world war. German and English Christians, either Roman Catholics or Protestants, were praying to God to help them win the battle. To which God were they praying? Christian soldiers were marching to war. Did Christ teach the war? When Christ was in a human body, He has honoured the human body, calling Himself the Son of Man. It is a great honour to be a human being and a still greater honour to be a Christian. Palestine at that time was under Roman command. Did He declare war against the Romans? Did He try to drive the Romans away from Palestine? No! Why should He? He wanted to liberate Man from ignorance. Things will come and pass, He said. But unless Man sees the truth, wars and the vices around the world will never stop. The worst enemy of humanity is what we call nationalism, but there are many other vices with different names on the altar of these devils. We call them devils, because elementals are not only gods and angels. The quality of an elemental is according to the rate of vibrations of those who cast it.
How much blood was shed on the surface of the planet in this name? People believed that they were right, doing what they did.

The doctors of divinity in London asked me: “Do you believe in God? What is a God? And do we have a soul?” I said: “Definitely, you don’t have a soul.” They said: “Oh, we Christians believe in the existence of a soul.” I said: ”I also believe in the existence of a soul, but your question in misleading. You asked me if we have a soul, as if the soul was something to get possession of. Nothing more false! Who is asking me if we have a soul? You as a shadow in time and space, in the world of illusions? You definitely don’t have a soul, but you are the soul and you have bodies – the material body, the psychical body and the mind body, according to the sayings of St. Paul. Not because St. Paul said that, but because we know it. And we can know and use these bodies.”