teachings/Burning Questions

What is Life?

If someone asked, “What is LIFE?” everyone would immediately say, “I know what LIFE is.” But, do you really know what LIFE is? If you know what LIFE is then you know what God is! So I ask again “What is LIFE?” And the answer is: LIFE is incomprehensible Beingness. It is and exists. Being and existing are two different states. “Being” is eternal, without a beginning and without an end, in the Eternal Now. In eternity it is always “now.” We must come to an understanding of the Eternal Now.

Now, I ask you again “What is LIFE?” What you think you know is really only the phenomenon of life. And even that phenomenon, you do not know it properly. You can say “I live”. Yes. But I can say that you are not the only living being. Look around you! Billions of phenomena of life, living forms. Of course, looking around us with our material eyes we see the phenomena of life; but what about looking at a drop of water through a microscope. What will you see in that drop of water? You will see the phenomena of life; an incalculable number of microscopic forms of life. The orthodox science has found out that everywhere there are phenomena of life. They call them microbes and viruses. In time, they found out that with stronger microscopes, electronic microscopes, they could see even smaller phenomena of life. And what is the main characteristic of life? Kinesis – movement, motion, vibration. Nobody can understand the phenomena of life except through kinesis (or vibration). Can you understand any form of life without something moving?

What is orthodox science doing today? It is searching on the material plane, using material means, trying to find the truth. What part of the truth has orthodox science found until now? It found two things. Everything existing must have a form, and Kinesis (movement or vibration) is the principle governing the living forms. This is definitely so, but it is only part of the truth. It is the relative truth; the Absolute Truth is still hidden. Every phenomenon of life has a cause, which brought it into existence. Orthodox science has begun to study what life is. They examine the phenomena of life by using the five senses and certain instruments; just to find out what a material body of a man or an animal is. We cannot say that what they have achieved is not great. It is. We should admire the work of these orthodox scientists, but … there is much more to learn. They have to realize that a living form is a phenomenon of life and not LIFE itself. “What is the phenomenon of Life?” The phenomenon of life is actually an expression of LIFE. It is a system of vibrations that give us a whole within a predetermined cycle of existence, which tends to keep it existing within “Divine Will”, and by Divine Will I mean the supervision of the Holy Spirit.

LIFE is one – Absolute LIFE. Within this Absolute LIFE there are all the phenomena of life: the plants, the animals, the human beings and archangelic beings. We can see this life in many stages and forms. The life of human beings is very different from the life of the vegetable kingdom, different from the life of the animal kingdom and different from the life of the Archangelic orders. And within Absolute LIFE we are, we move and we exist.

What is life, now? We should not only concentrate on the phenomena of life and their characteristics: kinesis, or motion. We must see more clearly. Is life, beyond the phenomena of life, intelligent? What is intelligence? You can call a man intelligent when he can use his mind thinking properly and understanding the relative truth. But this kind of intelligence is only an expression of the phenomenon of life. It is very limited and often wrong. Every intelligent man may make mistakes. On the other hand, is the so-called Absolute Intelligence, God, making mistakes? Looking at all the phenomena of life around us, from the amoeba to the galaxy, we find order. We find that all the phenomena of life obey a certain law, the Law of Possibilities. No phenomenon of life can escape the Law of Possibilities. What else can we see? With the Law of Possibilities we see the Almightiness. We see the Almightiness of the God in every expression as a phenomenon of life. This is definite. In the Circle of Possibilities for every phenomenon of life we see the Divine Intelligence and Its Almightiness. Nothing can escape from it.

What is the Divine Intelligence and Its Almightiness? Is it not God? How can we imagine God to exist in the world of existence? Do we imagine God as the phenomena of life? God is LIFE. Now I ask you, “Do you know what Life is?” Simply observing and studying the phenomena of life moving, growing and presenting in what we call time, can you know what LIFE is? No, by this study we can only know the characteristics of the phenomena of life. By observation, concentration and meditation you can know very much concerning the phenomena of life all around you. This is what the orthodox science is doing, using material instruments. But if I ask you, “Can any phenomenon of life exist unless it has a Source? Can you imagine something that moves without a source of energy?” So, we must have a Source.

So, again what is LIFE? We have said LIFE is God;but by the word God, we minimize this Absolute Beingness to our measure. And, our measure is not a good one because we adore material things as God. Though we do not do justice to Absolute Beingness by calling it God, we must use that word because it means something to our human intelligence. Yet, we must see God in Spirit. Remember what Christ said, “God is Spirit, and those who worship [approach] him must worship in spirit and truth” (John 4:24).

Now the question arises “How?” Yes, you say, God is Spirit. But I ask you, “What are you? Are you a material body only? Is that all; nothing more?” Let me tell you, “You are a god! You are also Spirit. You are a Spirit-Soul expressing yourself as a personality.” Now you come to the point of analyzing “What am I? Who am I?” Just try to find out who you are. This is the aim of the Researchers of the Truth this is serious research. But, you cannot approach the Truth unless you ascend the ladder of the relative truth. It is not so easy to get to the real meaning of Truth.