Essene Meditation

Given by Joshua Immanuel the Christ, in the synagogue of the Essene Brotherhood, to His disciples before sending them into the world to work as teachers and healers. The language the Essenes was Greek  and Aramaic. The Aramaic language came from the Egyptian language. So, these Essenes were in Egypt, but also in Palestine, in Cyprus, in Asia Minor and in Mesopotamia. They existed worshipping the one God the Father, the benevolent Father. Click Here to see the Stoa Lesson on The Essenes and the One Spirit God


Relax completely. Visualize Joshua Emmanuel the Christ standing before you as you sit peacefully, listening. In perfect at-one-ment with His Divine Self, the Logos, and attuned with each and every human being, Joshua spreads out his arms and says …..


All of you, listen. You are my children, my off spring. I am in you as God, as Absolute Beingness, your real Self, and you are always in me as gods. And I am also with you as a human being, as your loving father, within our loving Father.

Every breath you take, sustaining the life of your material body, is a fatherly kiss of mine for you. My beloved ones, I will not only speak to you in words of any language, but will also come to you as inspiration and as sensation.

I am the heat which keeps your body alive. I am the breeze, the fresh air, that caresses your face. I am in your eyes – as sight – allowing you to enjoy my works around you, as phenomena of life. I am the sight and I see all.

I am continuously creating Mind substance for you, to keep your bodies thriving. I am the living “bread of life” [John 6:48]. And I am the living water which you will drink and never thirst again [cf. John 4:10-14]. I am the Mind vitality everywhere in the world. I am Spirit and I am form. You are my Omnipresence.

I am the wise voice in your minds that speaks to you when you are doing something which is not right; not rebuking but awakening you. For I am reason in your thoughts and I am love in your heart.

Cast away from your heart every bitter emotion, all enmity, and any cruelty you may harbor … I am the Life in you. Enjoy my Life. You are my offspring, you are my flesh and blood, part of myself.

I love you. Love all my expressions, love all other human beings as your own self, and love all of life “as I have loved you”, and as I will always love you. [John 13:34]