teachings/Burning Questions

What is Love?

I am putting you the question “Do you know what love is?” To understand what is love we must be sure that we got free from the clutches of our personal egoism, distorting love even into dirty emotions. Yet, emotions in nature are good, but when controlled by the egoism, they become very bad – even if they mean well. Many, many people have misunderstood the meaning of love, poisoning it with their egoism and their feeling for dominating, controlling and mastering. We have to study these things in meditation. Do you love your wife or your husband because they follow your ideas? Or if they don’t, you start hating. You have a divorce. Yet, you have children. God entrusted your life with the children. Both of you brought life. By what right do you obey your egoism and are wounding the life you brought? How can we eliminate this personal egoism? By loving the others!

What is Love now amongst the human beings? Now we have to see things from a different point of view, not just from the angle of our personal interest. Because measuring things from our personal interest with that egoistic measure of our personality, we distort the meaning of everything – Distorting love in relationships, in the family, in the community – everywhere.

A man claims to love his wife very much but maybe he kills her. Why? A woman loves her husband and her children very much, yet, torturing them. How does that woman love them? If you ask her do you really love them? She would say “Of course I love them.” And you say: “But you are torturing them.” She would say, “They don’t obey me. They don’t listen to what I say. They don’t do what I want them to do.” Then, you don’t love them if you torture them and punish them, because they don’t do what you want them to do.

Love by Reflection

What do I mean? Human beings love by reflection. They love what satisfies their egoism and their way of thinking. Is that Love? This is the love certain people are expressing and, this kind of love is giving pain and agony!

Again I ask: “What is love?” Now, most of you will say “Ah, don’t we know what love is?” Of course you don’t! Because what you consider love is what I call, love by reflection. Which means, you love somebody if you believe that that somebody (never mind if he is the member of the family or not) is just caressing your personal egoism. Satisfying you! If that is so, then you are calling him or her your beloved one. But if he or she is against your desires and will, you’ll start complaining, even attacking, and so on. So, you don’t love that person. When you say you love him or love her – it’s yourself that you love. Not your real Self of course, but you are loving your egoistic self. This is a lesson we have to learn. And what do we find out? That for most, love means feeling satisfied and that kind of love is directed to somebody who is caressing our egoism.

When I ask you what love is; everybody knows the kind of love that is commonly found around them. But if I tell you what real love is, do you think you are able to understand? If I tell you what life and light is, you will say: “Yes, of course we know what light is.” But what is the light in this room compared to the light outside or in the sun? And what is the love of God in the super-conscious expression, loving creation? If we don’t love creation and all the living forms around us, we cannot claim that we love Him or It. We don’t love life if we don’t respect life in all its expressions, even in an ant, in a butterfly or in a bird. Feelings like complaints, hatred, jealousy and enmity are dangerous poisons in your system. They may create cancers, ulcers, and many, many, many other illnesses. So, for your own sake, banish these feelings from you. By loving your enemies you yourself are benefiting by casting out these dangerous poisons. All illnesses are caused by these poisons in our system.

Many people have started their friendship or marriage saying that they love each other. When you ask them if they know what love is, you will find out that for them love means the other person should all always notice them and caress their egoism. If the wife objects to the husband or the husband objects to the wife, then the husband may start beating, or the woman will break a dish on the head of the husband. These things happen all around us, day and night. Many people get divorced though they loved each other. Where is their love? What is love? If I ask them what love is, do they know? Now, analyze in yourselves what is love in you towards your own people, the people you say you love: your parents, wife, husband or children. Is that really Love? Or is it just an expression of your egoism?

In introspection what conclusion do we reach? For common people, love means satisfaction of the egoism. That is why I insist in the Circles for the Research of Truth that we have to kill egoism and feel in its place the dignity of knowing our real Self and how to love properly.Develop your consciousness by training yourself now as the real Self, not as egoism, to help suffering human beings around you. To express in your self-consciousness the Divine Love.

God is Love, Impersonal Love, and Pure Love. Love for all and to all. Love doesn’t mean – making love. This is what one should know and understand to put things in their right place. “Shall I have that fellow? Shall I have that woman?” No. You must love her. But real love is not what you think it is. It is not that feeling in your mind of possessiveness and all that stupid behavior isn’t love. Really love her. If sometime she is in need to come and hear you then treat her as your sister, but no more than that. We have to transmute love to its right expression by using the Mind to control the heart and our whole behavior.

Using the Mind we have to control our heart. Yet, you shouldn’t be cruel to your heart. Your heart will be the first to thank you for setting it free from mistakes and weaknesses. Everybody has to clean the heart, because we won’t see God with our human material eyes. We won’t see God even with our mind, but with our heart. And, in the Bible, Joshua Emmanuel the Christ said, “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.” It is with the heart that one will see God… because, God is Love. Should we love ourselves? Of course we should; but, loving ourselves means cleaning and purifying ourselves. This is love to our self; it is not just surrendering to our weaknesses and to faults. Of course, we have to love our personality-self to transmute it someday into our real Self which is in it.

One of the first things you will gain by introspection and sincere searching (by inspiration) is to get the help of your Guardian Archangel and the Holy Archangels of the Elements. Then they will appear to you, love you and teach you. I am telling you, you will feel bliss and the first thing they will teach you, is what real love is. So, what is love? They are love. You too are love, but you have to get rid of your egoism and show your love.

Contemplation on Love

At the moment you know that you are a separate person from everyone else, even in your family. From your father, your mother, your children. You feel you are a completely separate person from them and a completely separate person from everybody else around you.

Yet, you are a small part of the common Divine Logoic Selfhood. The fullest and the most complete expression of this Selfhood was Joshua Emmanuel, the Christ. He is the Logoic Selfhood now. All human beings using the Mind and reasoning are in that Logoic Selfhood.

Feeling you are alone is an illusion. It is very dangerous and sometimes it makes you punish yourself by feeling lonely. Nobody has ever been lonely or abandoned. Try to feel that you are you, but that you are also one with everybody else by loving them. Love is the divine flame uniting all souls. Why not all personalities? You are already united as a Spirit-Soul Ego in what I call Christhood. Why not unite ourselves, our personalities also, in that divine Love of the Logos? This Love nourishes all of our bodies (our psychical and our noetical body, and the etheric doubles) purifying them and uniting us with the Logos, who is everywhere and in us.

Breathe deeply now and put yourself a question, “Who am I? What is love? Do I love and whom do I love?” Make your heart a bright sun with golden light, or canary-yellow light, radiating this light around you. Feel that light. “Clean our hearts to reflect Your love.”

“I am the light of the world,” said Joshua the Christ to radiate this Love towards God and towards all other human beings. Bring in front of you certain people, one by one, with whom you had differences yesterday, seeing them happy, lit with this light of your heart. Now bring more people around you, people with whom you have differences and whom you love. Fill the space, your noetical space with people you know. See this light from your heart shine on their faces and send them a wish with this light, “May God always keep you in good health and in His love.”

This is a most powerful elemental, a purely noetical elemental. The only desire in it is your wish to see these people in good health and living happily. Learn to create these most powerful elementals. We can stop wars! But, of course, one has to learn how to love, starting from the individuals and the members of the family. Are you sure that you love all the members of your family or do the small differences create other feelings than love in yourself?