By learning to observe carefully and to concentrate fully, the ability to visualize properly becomes easier. Some bemoan the fact that they cannot visualize, but in fact we all visualize subconsciously in the creation of elementals. This is the way we create our world. Imprint ether is used to shape etheric vitality into psycho­ noetical images and is therefore vital to our work in visualization. Using imprint ether we are able to memorize and store images.

Visualization is a language of the Divine, the “key” to the kingdoms. After learning to observe carefully and to concentrate fully, we gain the ability to visualize con­sciously. We shape etheric vitality to create elementals, from psychic-noetical images to entire scenes. Through visualization, in healing work, we learn to materialize and de­materialize. There is nothing more powerful than thought, and visualization is the process of harnessing thought in a constructive manner for the expansion of the self and to aid others in need.

Proper visualization is indispensable in our work as I have always insisted. It is one of the “keys” that so many speculate about. The exercises and meditations all require the ability to visualize: to form psycho-noetical super-substance into the creation of objects and situations. For those unfamiliar with the work of visualization we will provide basic guidance leading into more advanced work. We must not be overly intimidated by the importance of visualization. All things will come in time.

Perhaps the most important skill for performing an exercise is this ability. Psycho-noetical images are elementals constructed of Mind super-substance at varying rates of frequency. Once created, an image has a real, multi-dimensional existence that is far more durable than any gross material object.

We must not confuse this holy work with fantasy. In shaping substance (using kinetic, creative, imprint and sensate ethers) we seek to replicate the work of the Logos and the Holy Spirit by faithfully reproducing noetic forms. Visuali­zation is used as a vehicle to expand our consciousness, as it is the language between the mundane and the Divine. By constructing specific forms and settings we allow for inter­action with Divine energies. Visualization, additionally, is indispensable in healing work for invoking images of health and perfection where illness and disease have set in.

Archangels are constantly creating such images, in accordance with the Divine forms, when they shape universes and worlds, and when they form angels to watch over their work. Our ability to form these images is a most Divine gift and privilege that we need to fully develop with reverence.