teachings/Burning Questions

What is Hell?

Day and night you are subconsciously creating elementals (with your thoughts, feelings and desires) just building within yourself a shell-hell. It would be very good if you could build only your shell-paradise, but it’s very seldom that people only do that. Most people are building shell-hells! Someone may ask where are these shell-hells and shell paradises? They are all here, the hells and the paradises. It is a matter of co-ordination and nothing else. So the fourth dimension is free from the influence of space. Einstein began to talk of this, but stopped. We boldly proceed and say that space in the four dimensional world does not have the same meaning that it has in the material world.

Of course, you cannot find anything in books about these planes of life. What words can make you understand? I am talking of my own experiences in these worlds! In these worlds is the real life – not here. Life on this planet is contaminated with hatred, enmity and stupidity. What about life in the psychical plane? Is there a hell and a paradise? No, not just one hell and one paradise.Each fellow has his own shell-hell or shell-paradise. Those that are leaving the material body (by the death of the material body) will never find themselves in any hell or in any paradise in which they are not already now.

This means that no Archangel or God, or anybody else, is keeping records of transgressions, ready to punish the human beings. Are there no records? Of course there are records! Where are these records written and kept? They are kept in our own personality. And who is recording? We ourselves are doing the recording with our actions, our thoughts, our emotions. But don’t think that when a fellow passes over that there are punishing Archangels to catch him and say “Come here! This is the record, the book! You have done that and that. You deserve to enter this hell (or, to enjoy this paradise).” No. You will just find yourself where you deserve to be.

Your vibrations of your psychical body [body of your emotions] will attune you to that particular sub-plane of the psychical plane and you’ll find yourself in the psychical sub-plane with which you are vibrating now. No one passing over can find himself in any paradise or hell he is not already in now! He will find himself there with the same passions, with the same way of thinking, the same way of feeling – as he is now in the material body. Only, he will find these things rather more intense now.

The Worlds of Existence are not sinful. No! All these Worlds are good. They have been created by the Holy Archangels and the Logos – perfect. Even the gross material world is nice and perfect. It is a paradise. You can enjoy that paradise. (You have a paradise in you of course.) In the gross material world everything is very nice, well sustained by the Holy Archangels: mountains, oceans, life in them, trees, flowers, and all the phenomena of life. Really, the gross material world is a paradise, but – to see it as a paradise, we must have a paradise in us.

If we have created a hell, a shell-hell in us, how can we enjoy this gross material paradise? And it is the same in the psychical worlds and in the noetical worlds, which are in and around our planet. Nothing has been created by God, and the Holy Archangels that is not perfect. But, can we see anything perfect if do not have perfection our self? I am telling you, all the planes and the sub-planes of the psychical world (as a locality and as landscapes) are nice and perfect. It is the same in the noetical world too. But, you will find human beings in these worlds, wrapped in their shell-hells, many shell-hells created by the human demons in their personality. Who is responsible for that? We are! It is a blasphemy to believe that God is or that there exists a punishing God. No! God is most benevolent!

Now in the shell-hell or shell-paradise of people, everything existing on the gross material plane is there. You can see everything in their shell-hell or their shell-paradise – all those things which they carry from here as their impressions and their knowledge. You may laugh: you live in your own world, your world is what you have understood, what you have taken from the gross material world. But, the psychical world is all light and beauty. Yet – who can see it? There is light and beauty even in our gross material world at certain hours of the day. But when people are living in their own thoughts, emotions and interests in life; who is observing this light and beauty?

So in the shell-hells and shell-paradises things are not changing immediately. But, I am telling you, the psychical worlds are much, much better that the gross material world. It is like going out of a dungeon to the open country. There, things have longer life. If you have a nice flower on Earth – for how long will it last? It last only a few hours or a few days at the maximum. And then what happens? The law in the gross material world is continuous change and decay. Is it the same in the psychical world? No! Things have longer, much longer life. Is there no change there? Of course there is. As there is change on anything in the material plane so there is change there too. But, who will make the change? You will by your understanding and your disposition. I am telling you that: No one can keep anybody in a hell against his will.

Are all the psychical sub-planes bright and lighted? Isn’t there darkness in the hells? No! Even the worst hell as a scenery is lighted and pleasing. Can people living in a material body see the light of the material sun and the various colours if they are blind? No, even though all the psychical worlds are perfectly well-lighted, because they are the worlds of God. But, they give a kind of blindness to the present-day-personality of human beings who are living in ignorance when they are passing over, so that they cannot see that pleasing light of the psychical plane. So it is the disposition of those who pass over that makes the hells. There is nothing wrong in that place or in the kingdom of the heavens! What’s wrong is what we have in our present-day-personalities.

I repeat what is giving this inability to see the light of the psychical planes is a kind of blindness of the present-day-personality, which is caused by its own ignorance and egoism. That’s why I insist all the time that we have to kill our egoism. It is through that egoism (the way we are thinking, feeling and living in the material world as a present-day-personality) we gain a kind of psychical blindness, which creates our so-called hells. What we call dark and light is called ignorance and understanding on the other side. What does it mean ‘understanding’? It means seeing the psychical light!