Researchers of Truth promise to practice introspection and begin to live as an inner (higher) self.  From the moment you act in this way you are on the way to find your Self and you will find that you are something you didn’t know and what you thought you were; you now know you are not.  For the first time you are coming in contact with your real Self. It is very, very difficult to understand this unless you practice it and you know that by your own personal experience and see, by observation, what is going on in a serious deep meditation.

One of the duties of a Researcher of the Truth (most of you belong to the circles and I love you very much for that) … You must have in your mind that you must practice introspection every night! That means – check your desires and your emotions and the quality of your sub consciousness.  But all the time we are –out, seeing and understanding things through the five senses, under the excitations, the emotions of the psychical body in the worlds of separateness, of having, getting, possessing, enjoying, and all that. We are out all the time. This is what is wrong – to be out all the time.

Now, I don’t mean that you shouldn’t be out. We are given the five senses just for this purpose, but – not to be out all the time enslaving the Supersubstance of the Mind (which is Holy) just in serving an idol of ours, which is our personal egoism (our personality in reality) leading to pain, ignorance, misery, and to many, many other evil things. Those who want to progress in these things they must practice what I call visualization or form-making, seeing things. And, later, see them more real.

Now, about healing, we said that one should practice, and practice and practice… to get the skill to be of more help to the other people. Practice mastering the etheric double – the healing energy. I’ll put it in more plain words. Master and get the skill of – understanding emotions, desires, the condition the fellow is in. Not trying to bring to the surface again the things that were torturing him. And, by explaining; help that fellow. For the mental wounds, I am afraid there is less success. Besides, those who are suffering from that will never come to ask you to help them. They enjoy it.

The meditations my daughter [Panayiota] is giving you are on a higher plane, the noetical and the psychical. They are most necessary, but you must also start purifying the material body and its etheric double. The meditations are also working through the etheric doubles in the higher realms of consciousness.

Excerpts from Stoa Lessons by Dr. Stylianos Atteshlis (known as Daskalos)