teachings/Burning Questions

What is Light?

Now, if you were born in a room full of light, and I asked you, “What’s light?” Can you tell me what is light? No! But, if I took you out where it is dark only for a moment, brought you back, and then asked you again, “What’s light?”, you’ll say, “Now I know what is light because now I know what is darkness.” Yet, before this comparison you were not able to know.

To make it more understandable; Life or God is the same thing as Light. Now, what is Light? We can see the Light in many expressions. The highest form of the Light is knowing and understanding the Mind. The Mind is Light. God is Light (we just have to differentiate this kind of Light from physical light, which are the ethereal vibrations emanating from the Sun or from a burning thing). Then we also have lower degrees or states of the Light – which, as human beings, we will interpret as emotions, feelings. Now we enter the world of duality, the Worlds of Existence – we have these feelings as attraction and as repulsion. It is the dual state of the Worlds of Existence. Then, we also have the Light, Mind Light, manifested as matter. In between we have the ethereal worlds.

What is light in the gross material world ?

Material light is a certain degree of vibration, let’s assume from 10 to 20. Below number ten, the physical eye and the optic nerve cannot interpret them as light. The same happens above number twenty. Today, Orthodox science tells us that many vibrations exist above and below the optic level [Infra-Red, Ultra Violet, X-ray, etc.]. Is there light when there is darkness around us? Yes, there is super light, the psychical light (also known as astral light) and the noetical light. But if we as self-awareness do not reach the psychical and noetical light, then nothing of these planes of existence can be known to us. It is similar to all the radio and TV broadcasts that are all around us. We are not able to know them unless we use a device such as a radio or TV to attune to their broadcast frequency.

There is no space where there is no light. The human physical eye can only interpret a certain frequency of vibrations. Consequently, “perceiving” and “understanding” is within the boundaries of perception. When you are sleeping, your physical eyes are closed and you are having a wonderful dream, you see movement. Pay attention to the word movement, you are moving in your dreams. But, your physical body is lying on the bed, it is not moving. I now ask you this question: “With which eyes, with which light do you see? With which body do you move in a dream?”

The five senses are wonderful indeed – but, they are very limited! So, in which way do you get notice of the so-called material world? You notice it through the light emanating from the Sun. In a very, very dark night (without the light of the stars and the moon) can you see the trees and the mountains around you? No. You don’t know of their existence. It is the light which is giving us the sense of understanding things all around us. Now, try to understand what is light. What is light? And, is that light emanating only from the Sun? Is that all? The orthodox science is trying to find the truth now, and they are on their way of finding it. So, what’s the light emanating from the Sun, or, from anything burning? Or what is reflected light, like the light from the moon. One must study the nature of light. I tell you that this light is the Mind in a certain rate of vibrations. We call it the ethereal vibration.

Now, we must study the nature of light. We know that light emanates from the Sun but what are the characteristics of this light? When this light falls on any surface it is reflected. And this reflected light comes to us from the material things and we say we see. Of course, the characteristics of this light (of these ethereal vibrations) are to carry the shape, the form and the color of the thing it is reflected from. It comes to you and what do you think it carries? It carries this reflection, which is making a tiny, microscopic image of that thing in your eye, on the retina of your eye. If somebody stood in front of you, you wouldn’t be able to see that thing which is behind him. Light gives a vibration, a sensation inside of the eye to the optical nerve, and then, that gives the same irritation in a center in the material brain. That irritation in the human brain is causing a vibration and you (an entity in the body) interpret these vibrations and you say you see. You think that you see that thing there three-dimensionally. Of course, you see, but, did you engage yourself to study what it is seeing in a scientific way?

Are those ethereal vibrations we call light (emanating from the Sun, a blazing thing, or an electric lamp) the only vibrations? The orthodox science says that a higher rate in frequency of vibration than light, or lower, cannot be seen, cannot be interpreted by the material eyes. That is true. Can anybody see these higher frequencies of vibration – things beyond, let us say, the material light? Yes. When you raise your consciousness to higher levels you become what we call clairvoyant, a – seer. And then, you can see other vibrations – which are also light. I am telling you – there is no darkness! Darkness is our inability in interpreting the ethereal vibrations emanating from the sun and burning things and from the Mind. There is no darkness. It is the inability of interpreting higher vibrations, including those you call light.

What is light in the higher worlds ?

I am telling you that what you call visible light is very, very small range of vibrations. There are more, much more beyond your comprehension. Now, we say that through our material eyes we can see all these things? Yes. How can we see higher vibrations? By developing your self-consciousness to higher levels you will be able to interpret these vibrations. Sooner or later you’ll leave this material body and you’ll no longer use your material eyes. Do you think you’ll find yourself in absolute darkness? No! The psychical world is self-luminous. Our material world is lighted by the emanation from the Sun and through reflection. But, in the psychical world every atom, every molecule, everything is self-luminous. In the psychical world you don’t need any sun to give the light. All things are self-luminous.

But with what eyes can it see this world? Can we see it with the material eyes? No. The personality-self can see through the third eye, and as a result we have a kind of intuition, and not only eyesight. For the personality-self these images are real, more real than the impressions the personality received through the material eyes. We start to see a kind of subconscious function of the third eye. All of us have it without noticing it and all of us use it without knowing it.

Let us speak about the third eye. Many books have been written about the third eye, but not in the least do they give a true description, because all of them take the view that the third eye has the same capabilities as the material eyes. In this case, the third eye would also transmit visual information through the optic nerve to the brain. But that’s not so!

The third eye works in a different way, it can do things the material eyes cannot do. We described before how the material eyes are working. If we raise our consciousness to the level of self-consciousness (not super consciousness yet), we can become clairvoyant and clairaudient, we can “see” the vibrations coming from the higher worlds and we can come in contact with the Archangels.