Our Subconscious

Psychology &  Sub-consciousness

Researchers of the Truth understand the triadic nature of sub-consciousness. One chamber of the subconscious contains all the elementals composing our personality. A second chamber is the storehouse of etheric vitality –sometimes called our “animal vitality”–. The third and most valued chamber is that of the Logos and Holy Spirit, for it is through the subconscious that the Holy Spirit and the Logos impart Total Wisdom, Total Power and Total Love.

We, as human beings, possesss what we have called Holy Spiritual sub-consciousness, which refines in our gross material body, the psychic and noetical bodies and empowers them with Total Wisdom. It is that part of Mind within our personality which we call the subconscious mind. Each cell and atom of our gross material body also possesses instinctual consciousness. And, as we have said, the Holy Spirit, God, who is everywhere present, works from the center of each atom and cell, apparently beneath Self-consciousness, but in reality in a super-conscious way. It is from an infinite number of points that It simultaneously manifests Its creative force. We have seen It as impersonal, though nevertheless omnipotent and totally loving, working together with the Christ Logos, within the universes – from the material to the mental and beyond – as provided for in the Divine Plan.

For most of us our subconscious, depending on its composition and quality, decides the circumstances in which we experience life.

The subconscious, primarily located in the area of the solar plexus, is divided into three chambers. The size of each chamber varies according to the psycho-noetical development of the individual.

These three chambers of the subconscious are:

        1)  One chamber is the storehouse of vital energy or, as others term it, our animal vitality. It is through this part of the subconscious that our source of life, our daily bread, is drawn in and stored for distribution within and without. Living a healthy, gentle life, having developed a proper understanding of the circumstances surrounding life, and being of service to others, in other words, becoming good Researchers of Truth, we will gain control over this energy. Otherwise it is likely to gain control over us! Apart from maintaining our own full health –our psychic and physical well-being– we will harness this etheric vitality, as the various forms of ether, for healing others. As Christ says, “He that believeth in me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water” (John 7:38). Christ here speaks of etheric vitality as water.

        2)  Another chamber, so often a dense jungle, is the body of elementals that we generate and regenerate within our personality. These elementals, largely the product of subconscious activity, are contained within this chamber where they stir about waiting for opportunities to express themselves. As we previously mentioned, although many, many elementals are working against us, we also benefit from healthy, life-giving elementals, stored within our subconscious. It is in this chamber where we must apply ourselves in sorting out the good from the bad, that is, clearing the brush from the jungle.

For this is the very seat of our egoism as a present personality. This chamber unless it is cleared and cleaned, will bind us – and make the others suffer – lifetime after life­time adding misery along the way. “He must increase, but I must decrease” as it is beautifully stated by our beloved Yohannan (John 3:30), here referring to the process of ridding ourselves of egoism – selfish elementals – and opening ourselves to the Love of Christ and God.

A common misperception prevails these days in popular psychology. Many psychotherapists believe that in order for a patient to recover he must relive certain emotions and events, venting memories and frustrations that have been plaguing the personality. In this process of “letting the steam out” more often then not the elementals surrounding a memory, rather then being weakened, are revitalized by the attention with which they are served. This method is counterproductive – except in a few cases – to the client’s recovery as it lends only more energy to the problems.

        3) The third chamber is where the Holy Spirit and the Christ Logos guide and influence us. Here we enjoy our Holy Spiritual super-conscious awareness, a type of instinctual awareness. We all marvel at the fact that we can drive a two ton automobile for miles and miles and not recall a single detail of the drive, as all along we were lost deep in thought. Other examples include our ability to act most swiftly and wisely when emergency situations arise. Moreover, it is from this holy chamber that each one of us knows intuitively the value of goodness and has the ability to discriminate between right and wrong. And should we transgress, from here spring the stings of conscience which move us to correct our thoughts and actions. We speak here of the Holy Spiritual and Logoic influences in our higher centers, yet here too, in the subconscious we are well guided in our development.

Three quarters of our personality is subconscious, or subconscious mind.  We will come to know Mind in another form and will be surprised when we have established that Mind, even at its lowest degree of expression, holds within it the Total Wisdom, Total Power and Total Love of Absolute Beingness. The human personality is constructed both individually and in communities. A person receives influences from within the personality and the environment around, to which the individual reacts with thoughts, desires and ambitions, which have their source largely in the subconscious.

In addition, both our subconscious and our personality are situated simultaneously in our three bodies –noetical, psychic and gross material–. If this were not so, the personality would be annihilated upon the dissolution of the material body. In such a case, those who left the material body, whether at “death” or in exosomatosis, would lose their individuality. this does not happen.