So, believing something blindly is stupid. But, rejecting without knowing it is also stupid. We must have an open mind and the spirit of research for the truth.What is the duty of a Seeker after the Truth? Of course, to take advantage of the knowledge of those who know. And then, he will make his own research on what mystics know. A man believing everything, without knowing things himself to be the truth, I call stupid.

Again, I call stupid a fellow who believes fanatically in something not knowing if it is true. One should know the truth himself! Some ask “How is it possible that some people manage to know all these things you are teaching about? Is it possible for us to know things also?” Why not? You have a mind to use. You are not different from anybody else. Just educate yourself and try it, and know it.

Now, we cannot learn everything just all of a sudden. We have to learn one thing at a time. We know much about the material body. Much, but not everything. We touch it, we move around with it, and we move our hands and feet. Then, we hear our heart beating. We want to know why. What’s that? From the research done by some biologists, you can know about the circulation of the blood. And from the anatomists you can know what is in the material body, in the skull, in the head. The eyes? What are the eyes? What are the lungs? What is the heart? What are the glands? What are all these things for? Do you think that people who didn’t care to study something from anatomy know about these organs in their bodies? No, they don’t. Yet, all these organs are functioning nicely and in good order, giving their bodies a perfect health – unless you interfere with the work of the Archangels and the Holy Spirit to deprive them of the energy of keeping the bodies (I mean the psychical and the noetical) in good order. It is our fault as the Present-Day-Personality.

Excerpts from Stoa Lessons by Dr. Stylianos Atteshlis (known as Daskalos)