An inner exploration to trace the sources of your emotional and noetical behavior with the resolve to self-consciously structure your personality and its subconscious. The determination to free the self from the limitations of egoism, by releasing your conscience from “dead works”, is moving towards the wise and loving voice of the Soul.

You must practice introspection every night! Looking within. That means – check your desires and your emotions. And the quality of your subconsciousness. Get an event of the day. Maybe with some people from your business, from the market, here or there. Maybe there were difficult moments. They said hard words and you replied in the same way, quarreling and all that. So, during the night, in the introspection, bring the whole scene in front of you. Persons and the locality. Train yourself in visualization. You’ll have just benefit from it. Second, start seeing things as they really happened. The second thing you’ll see and be benefitted is to detatch your thinking from your egoism. How? You never suspect it – it is inside you. Then say “Yes, I heard those hard words and I shouldn’t have responded and said hard words”. Then your egoism comes forward and says “Yes, but you were right! He told you that and that!” intending to catch you.  Say “Come on, you are not me. Now, I am studying things and I will make the decisions, not you”.

Through introspection we will find that it is not a matter for the self-aware Soul, or permanent personality to struggle against the present personality or rebuke it.  The inner self will get to know, advise and correct the present personality and assimilate with it.  You will have a chance to experience all this when you begin introspection exercises.  The next step is to find and separate our self’s shadow from our Inner Self.  When this separation occurs we will find that we no longer are the weak and fearful beings with unbridled desires, that create fear, stress, and suffering, but a rational being with knowledge that can progress and live.

Therefore we must begin our exercises in introspection with honesty.  I have said you don’t have to sacrifice much.  For your exercises you need only 15 minutes a day, but for your introspection, for as long as you are awake to begin with, and later even when you are asleep.  Even then you will do your introspection exercises as you can begin correcting your behaviour in the psychic world.  This work and progress is not only for as long as we are here in the material plane, but for even long after we have departed from it.