teachings/burning questions

What is God?

If we are asked: “What is God?” and we say that we do know what God is, we’ll be liars. But, if we say that we don’t know what’s God, again we’ll be liars. In the same way if somebody asked you, “Do you know what the Sun is?” Of course, you’ll say, “I know what the Sun is… just a ball of fire in the sky giving us light, heat, and keeping us warm during the winter.” Are you sure you know what the Sun is? Do you know that the volume of the Sun is 1.3 million times bigger than the volume of the Earth? If we say that we know what the Sun is – we’ll be liars. But, if we say that we don’t know what the Sun is, again we’ll be liars, because – we know something about the Sun.

Now what is God and what is not God? God is Absolute Beingness. Don’t even think that you are able to comprehend God, it is not possible. When you try to perceive the light by looking at the sun with your material eyes, you will be blinded. This is the same as trying to perceive God using your material brain. Yet we can observe God’s expressions and through the expressions we can know what God is, up to a certain point. So, what is God for us? In reality God is Spirit and only in Spirit and Truth we can approach him. Now we see God from a different point of view. We see God in a more practical way. Because, we say that God is the Absolute Selfhood. In Its Omnipresence there is not a sense of place where you don’t see the Total Wisdom. The Total Wisdom is the expression of the Divine Selfhood or God. For us, God was, is and will always be.

But God is not what man calls God. Using the word God, mankind minimizes Absolute Beingness to his own measure. Man has created many gods. The ancient Greeks called them demigods and so did the Egyptians. They were simply creating elementals. God is not what some men believe – an idol, an icon or an elemental that performs phenomena. Of course phenomena can happen. But what are they? They are the result of dedication and concentration of many persons on a form, on a thought and this idea gets existence. But this happens automatically and these persons do not know how it happens, how they achieved it and how it may serve them. The elementals can be evil, destructive, or good and beneficial, but they are not God.

We have to sit down, think consciously about this and come to conclusions. Through meditation we have to enter into the meaning of God and our real Self; into what we are and what we are not, into what is God and what is not God. An easy explanation of God, which we must study, is Love. We have plenty within us and we express it. Even though we express it in a strange way, it is love. God is Love. When we interpret what is love in all its levels, this is another path which will lead us into the Truth. The Truth and the Light are not only reached by one path. All the paths are one road.

And now, something else: We are Gods as Spirit-Souls. What about our sometimes sinful Present-Day Personality are we not Gods? Unfortunately – we are, and we should be ashamed! Ashamed of what we are doing sometimes! Now, this is something you will find in the New Testament, in the Gospel. When the Godman, Joshua the Christ, was addressing the people, men or women, he was addressing their personalities. He was telling them “You are Gods and Sons of the Almighty” (Psalm 82 & John 10.34).. He didn’t mean only as Spirit-Souls. He meant also you are Gods. So, in the nature and essence we are the Spirit-Soul. Otherwise we couldn’t live and exist. But, we have developed around that Self a shell which is our personal egoism. And this personal egoism is responsible for guiding us away from God and our real nature – our Beingness.

What is Man ?

Now, in the Bible, in the Old Testament, there is much truth in its symbols. Much truth. We read in the Bible “God said: Let us create man according to our likeness and in our image”. To “our image” means to the image of all the heavens… to the heavenly worlds. And “according to our likeness” means that mankind in its Divine Nature is similar to God just as the Archangels are. So mankind is in the image of the heavens, but where are these heavens? Christ was clear about that saying: “The kingdom of the heavens is within you.” That’s clearly stated.

“Let us create man…” but, when did God say that? In time…in what sense of time?Always…in the Eternal Now. And in what language did God say that? Definitely, it was not a human language. “God Said,” now, this is symbolic and means that in God’s Absolute Total Wisdom He vibrated in Him, His Pleasure of creating man. To whom did God say: “Let us create man…”? It was to certain classes of Archangels. When God started vibrating and expressing His Will for the creation of man, immediately in that moment God’s Will and His vibration was reproduced in the Guardian Archangels. And the Guardian Archangels undertook the work of creating, making man. So, man is created. Man is created; the Spirit- Soul of man is not created. And of course, at that eternal moment, the same vibrations resonated in the other orders of the Archangels who received the Will of God “to create man” as their own will. And of course, at that very moment, those Spirit Beings destined to become humanized also started vibrating; feeling that vibration as the Pleasure of God and also their own vibration and pleasure. So, we have been incarnated by our own free will and the Will of the Almighty. Have that in mind. Immediately at that moment, one Super-consciousness from the class of the Thrones attached itself to its brother Spirit-Soul and was egofied with it (egofied means, being in at-one-ment, being in oneness), to be just like the human Spirit-Soul. So, one ray of that Archangel is egofied to accompany this Spirit on its way of becoming a Soul – a human being and that is our Guardian Archangel. Not only in the Christian faith but all serious religions, all the churches believe in the Guardian Angel, because – one can come in conscious contact with his Guardian Angel (or Archangel). Is this Archangel a part of our self? Yes and no. How? It is egofied. It partakes of our life in all the kingdoms of nature (material, psychical and noetical), but it keeps its purity all the time. And so, by thisegofication [unification] of one of the Thrones, the Archangel we call the Metathronius, the composition of the human being started.

What is a human being now? A creature and a God! A creature means his bodies: the material body and its etheric double, the psychical body and its etheric double, and the noetical body and its etheric double. A human being is created, but “… according to our image and our likeness,” which means to express a selfhood. This means, becoming a self-aware man or woman from the very beginning. Although in the beginning man was living in the caves with a club in his hands, but he had a selfhood. He was different from all the other animal life around him.

So, a human being is like a line with a center and two points at the ends. One end is the divinity (it’s in your nature), your real Self, Soul, God, and the other is your human existence (which is the continuously changing personality, the continuously changing form – weather this form is in the material, the psychical, or the noetical plane). We have the creature and the creator. The main creators in a human being are, for his or her bodies the Holy Archangels, but, in them it is God. Now, aray of our real Self never departed from the Infinite Beingness. This ray is to be humanized (to create our personality’s selfhood).