teachings/Burning Questions

What is Death?

Such a thing as death does not exist. Because, what people mistakenly call death is the change. Yet, change occurs every moment and we can see it. Every one of you has been a child, a boy or girl playing on the floor. Where is that boy now? Or a little girl holding a doll in her hands and playing? Where is that five year old child now? Does it still exist? Of course not! Did it die? No, it changed to become you as you are today. Today not even one single atom of matter is the same in the body of that young man that used to be the baby, and it never will be since everything changes in our body every seven years – as we are told by Orthodox science. There will be nothing the same in the old man’s body who once was that young man. As far as change in matter is concerned, death and rebirth takes place daily in our material bodies.

And even if I think of myself as my present-day personality; my name, gender, religion, nationality, my way of thinking, desires, weaknesses, fears, the usual way of living – even all of this changes daily. Ageing and experience brings changes, again we die daily and we think of it as change. If we think what we were like three or four years ago, we will find that our interests and way of thinking were different to what they are today. What will become of your material body? It Changes. Orthodox science found out a great truth that matter is indestructible. It simply changes. Matter becomes energy and energy becomes matter.

In life there are two facts that cannot be changed: birth and passing over. Birth and passing over is like a voyage from one place to another on a big steamship. Those who get on board the ship will travel the distance. Those who are born will live their life to the end of the trip to land in the destined place. Once we decide to be on that ship, there are different possibilities. If we are poor, we do the trip on deck, feeling cold in the evening just having an overcoat and sleeping on a chair. If we are rich, we will have a luxurious cabin. On the ship, we can live the life we like. If we are a gambler, we can go and gamble. If we like to dance, we can go and dance. If we are a swimmer, we can go to the swimming pool. And if we are lazy, we can go and sleep. We can do whatever we want to do on board the ship. What we cannot change is the route: from birth to passing over.

What do you know of your own people? You call them, “My son, my mother, my father.” And, when they pass over and leave their material body you think that you are losing them! All people, when their relatives are passing over to the other side, have the feeling that they are losing them. This is not true.

If you know who you are and develop your self-consciousness to higher levels, first of all, you’ll understand that there is no such thing as death. Because, you’ll be able to self-consciously come out of the body and go back in it again [OBE]. Then you will say, “Oh, what they call death is just not to come back again in this body of mine which I don’t need any more because it is getting old.” Then, you’ll understand that you are never losing your beloved ones. Those who pass over, do they think that they are losing the living ones? No, because, even though the living ones cannot communicate with the ones passing over to the other side; those passing over are more near than before when they were still living in their material bodies. When they are enslaved in their material bodies, we think they are far away from us when they are at different places on the planet. This is again a mistake, because if we really love them, they are with us, no matter where their or our material body is.

Where is the other side? It is here. But that world is just at a different rate of vibration. It is the worlds of four dimensions. The material world is a world of three dimensions – occupying the same space-place. When you reach these truths you see your own beloved ones as they really are, not as you think they are. Because – now you will see yourself as you really are and not as you think you are.

The material earth has its psychic counterpart, the words of the four dimensions. And it also has a noetical and a noetic counterpart. So in passing over, one doesn’t leave the planet. Nobody has ever left the planet by passing over. The many hells and the paradises are in the psychic counterpart of our planet. So, many have the idea, mistaken idea, that they will leave the planet after passing over. But, can we leave the planet with the noetical and the noetic body? No! They will move about in the noetical and the noetic planes of the planet. Can the Seeker of the Truth ever leave the planet? Of course he can. By controlling and being the master of his bodies and developing his self-consciousness beyond the consciousness of the bodies. Developing his self-consciousness to what we call Self Super-Consciousness. Then he is free to go anywhere; not only on the planet, but beyond the planet, beyond the galaxy, beyond the galaxies. But who has the time to do that? There is so much pain on the planet and you are not allowed to leave the planet for curiosity.

Life continues in the psychical planes. It goes on! It continues in the noetical planes. It goes on! Then you have a rest and then, you are incarnated again in a mortal body. It is our mortal body in time and place-space that will die, but as an essence in the body, as Life, we are immortal. Death does not exist. What you call the phenomenon of death, death of the material body, is simply our passing over to other states of consciousness.