to the System of the Research of Truth

“My beloved ones, my spiritual children: Today I am feeling very, very happy. Just to give you in detail what we believe and what is our System for the Research of Truth. Of course, during all these centuries which have passed the enliqhtened ones have revealed the great reality which is God. In Old Egypt they called him Amun-Ra. Later the one, the true God, was called by Akhenaten – Aton. Confucius in China has spoken about the way, the Tao, to God. The Hindus have called him Ishva. And there are many, many names. The Buddha, the enlightened one, had approached God more than anybody else in the past. He gave the eight-fold noble path. Eight jewels of the truth. This enlightened one was the one who became the real prophet. He said to his disciple Ananda, “In 500 years from today God will be humanized and incarnated directly.” This was what the Eastern men ( 3 Kings) had in mind when they came to worship Christ at his birth. You can read this even in the Gospel.

So, all these ways to God are to be respected. We have to respect all these roads and ways to God. Going through all of them, studying them, we will find very beautiful and fragrant flowers. But also dark bushes from which are coming out demons and snakes. And in Christianity we will find the truth as beautiful fragrant flowers. But maybe in Christianity we have more dark bushes than ever had been. Prejudices in the various dogmas are venomous snakes coming out biting. How much bloodshed until now in the name of the Lord of Love? This is human weakness all through the centuries.

Now, what is the difference between our System for the Research of Truth from the other systems? I said all the ways to God, to Ishva, to Allaha, to Aton, to Theos, to Allah are all the same and they are respected by us. The flowers in the gardens of our neighbors are as good as our flowers in our garden.

So, the first thing a Researcher of Truth is free from is prejudices. The principle teaching of Joshua Immanuel the Christ we are following is: Love to the Absolute Infinite Authority, to The Absolute Infinite Reality, to the Absolute Infinite Selfhood (God), and love towards all other human beings. Because in every human being, even those calling themselves our enemy, is a Spirit-Soul Being, is a god. So we have to love those calling ourselves our enemies. So, our doctrine is love to God and to man.”

Stylianos Atteshlis

aka daskalos

Excerpts from Stoa Lessons by Dr. Stylianos Atteshlis (known as Daskalos)