Daskalos' Requests

“I ask that all my Circles be known as ‘Circles in A System for the Research of Truth,’ and that they do not bear my name. I have asked Panayiota to serve the Circles. 

It is asked that each Circle work in relative isolation from one another as cells. Communication between Coordinators and members of the different Circles should be kept at a minimum, so that each Circle may develop at its own internal pace and In peace.  Many Coordinators have found that as they work with a certain group of individuals it becomes difficult for newcomers unfamiliar with the Teachings to step in. One solution is to hold separate meetings for new initiates.  If a Circle’s Coordinator is unable to hold two separate sessions, perhaps a knowledgeable Circle member will work with the newcomers until they are prepared to join the regular sessions.

St. Matthew writes in his Gospel, “You receive without cost; give without charge (10:8)”. The gifts from God are rich and plentiful. In our labors to awaken this world to God’s light we should refrain from taking any material gain. Throughout my life I have been fortunate to have been blessed with enough bounty that I have never had to charge anyone for the lessons or for healings I conduct. We all have our occupations and professions to support us, and our teaching work should remain separate in time and in nature. These Teachings should infuse all aspects of your lives, but not themselves become your lives. And never permit these Teachings to emerge as a source of income. If there grows the need to rent a common place for the Circle meeting, or you find that you have travel expenses, calculate the cost and divide the figure amongst those participating. This shouldn’t come to very much. If some cannot afford to help, see that room is found for them.

I ask you all to work sincerely and quietly. I have never authorized anyone to teach our material outside of their Circles. No one has permission to speak or teach publicly in my name and on our work.  Please understand that here in Cyprus we have never licensed any individual to collect funds on our behalf. Furthermore I have asked all of you to be discrete in your work and to refrain from publicly stating your relationship to myself and our work in Cyprus.”

-Dr. Stylianos Atteshlis (Daskalos)