Our Observations

We see around us, in all countries, and all communities great confusion. People have been enslaving their bodies, minds and hearts to base desires and emotions. There is an intoxication with the material world, as we have turned our gaze outward at the expense of our inner development. Rampant egoism, individual and communal, has brought much ruin at local and global levels.

In the last few centuries we have witnessed a tremendous effort to develop the material world around us. For many, a higher standard of material living, extended life spans and great bodily health has resulted.

Much of this effort is commendable, but now we must ask whether our improved quality of life has also brought with it inner contentment? Or have we misplaced our connection with the transcendence in our exploration of matter?

We cannot continue to develop the material plane, while neglecting our psycho-noetical development. The real growth of each body, and the other planes, depends on the harmonious and proportional gains on all levels and locations.

As Researchers of Truth we know that it is a timeless truth that with each day we are creating and recreating our hells and our paradises, both here on the material plane, and in the worlds that we go after we pass over. The same material with which palaces are constructed, prisons are also built: the Mind as love and reason, or Mind fashioned by emotions and desires.

Reason is the highest gift of God to man. Love is our Real nature. In our work we are moving towards a new system of living. By properly using the holy Mind, replacing ‘desire-thoughts’ with conscious ‘thought-desires”, we are becoming masters of our bodies, desires and emotions.

Each one of you now, according to the Law of Cause and Effect, is in the place the Total Wisdom has placed you. You are not there by chance. You are obeying the Divine Plan placed in the circumstances, family, community and nation necessary to learn your next lessons.

In general, what are these lessons? To be patient -To be tolerant – To love. To love even those who stand against you. Let me put it a different way; to be a good Christian, or a good Buddhist, or a good Muslim. It’s all the same. This is what we are teaching.

We see many good signs of change emerging. Human rights are being championed across the globe, international boundaries and dividing walls are crumbling and weakened and we see growing environmental concern. It is important for each one of us to contribute to the Divine Principles concerned with bringing peace and harmony to each of us in all our worlds and universes.

Jesus Christ asked His disciples to behave in such a manner that those around them would witness love and grace and, in turn, adopt the values and behavior for themselves. This is what I now hope of our Circles; to set an example in the home, the community and the globe.

As our Circles will be blessed by the heavens, may they bless the worlds.