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What is Meditation?

Some are teaching you meditation giving you certain exercises. But, I ask you “What’s meditation? Do you know what meditation and concentration is?” You must analyze everything and know the real meaning in everything. You have to use concentration and meditation now. Meditate in the right way of course, don’t just throw a stone blindly – you have to know the aim in order to get the gain of it. Just trying any kind of meditation is not helpful to guide us to the Truth. Many, many, many kinds of meditations are offered that lead to nowhere. These are stupid wastes of time. I have seen people, even Hindus coming here, who are practicing meditation for years and years and years (calling them mantras and giving them names) and didn’t succeed even to conquer those psychic vibrations called anger. With least provocation we see them excited and getting angry. I tell them, “Look, you have done nothing until now. You didn’t find your Self. What you consider to be yourself is not your real Self.” Very often I meet such people coming from the East and from many other parts of the world claiming to have studied Yoga for twenty, forty years even, – leading where? Nowhere! They are wasting their time.
So, a Seeker of the Truth should have his aim and know where that road is leading to. Not just working aimlessly and blindly.

So, one should, first of all, master concentration and meditation. Then you arrive to another point. “Who meditates? Is it my human brain? Is it my body? Is my body meditating? What are the means I use to meditate?” Now you approach the Mind. Use observation and through it you will start with concentration and meditation. Does meditation mean thinking about something over and over again, until you reach a conclusion? What is concentration? Unless you are a master of concentration, how will you fix your attention and continue meditating? These two skills we should learn, concentration and meditation. You use these words many times and you find them in many books. But analyze everything and make sure that you know the real meaning in everything.

Meditation is the successive formation of mind in interrelated thoughts that lead to knowledge and perception, generally in regards to a thing, a living form or anything else that could fall upon perception through the five senses. Through meditation the present self-aware personality gains knowledge. Through meditation a number of related noetical images enter into the part of mind which we call subconscious. The entity can recall these noetical images or pictures up to the conscious level of awareness, can relive the same similar experiences.

Our meditations are something positive, something which creates

When you begin to use thought meditation you will find that you are being bombarded by thousands of other thoughts. When you begin trying to create images through meditation, you will find that it slips away and other images take its place from the many thousands that exist in your subconscious, (which you have wrongly stored in it). Sometimes two, three, or four images will merge together giving you a confused image (flying green horses and such), this we call fantasy.

We work consciously, as a balanced self-awareness, and behind the word self-awareness is our Self as a soul, and not as a suffering personality. All we need to do is a quarter of an hour of introspection, study and meditation each day, with a little more time later on. This can be done without having to abandon your day to day life, because if you do it would mean desertion. You must be ready for your next experience wherever you have been placed by the law of destiny, the law of cause and effect. All you need to do to succeed is effort, and the right frame of mind,

Through meditation, introspection and rational thought we change unhealthy thoughts and desires in to well-formed thoughts and decisions concerning our lives. This will give us a well formed self-aware personality. A proper diet gives us a healthier physical body. Meditation and the right use of psycho-noetical matter [emotions and thoughts] build a better personality – a better character if you like. As soon as you let the right meditation thoughts enter your subconscious, I am telling you that many things for which now you may feel ashamed they will dissolve themselves without any effort from you. Of course we have our dark spots in our subconscious. But we do know that these dark corners can be lit up and become useful again.

Now we will begin a simple meditation.

When you concentrate on the abdomen where the solar plexus is, it is fire and further down is the sacred bone, which must not be touched yet. In the abdominal area the fire turns into noetical and psychic water – the. Water of life. This is mentioned in John 7:38 in the Bible where Christ says; “He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of livingwater.

He is referring to certain advanced ones. From now on you will know what He meant by “rivers of living water” when you come across it in the Bible.

When you concentrate on the solar plexus, you must visualize a radiance of white bluish light and then as a bright nebula. By doing this exercise and without knowing there will come a time when you will be doing it consciously.

Breathe deeply and comfortably, see in your abdomen a center radiating a white bluish light. See it as a sun’s radiance where in its center is your physical body as a microscopic point. You are in a radiance which is noetical fire-light. Your desire to succeed in this exercise and project love and strength is psychic light.