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Un-pointed Sword

When Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the king, behold, there came wise men from the east to Jerusalem. Saying, where is he that is born King of the Jews? for we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him. –Matthew 2:1-2

Not long after the immaculate conception, certain wise men in the East had foreseen, through clairvoyance, the virgin birth of the full incarnation of the Logos in the Christ-child of Joshua Emmanuel. One of these wise men was the Maharajah Rama-Touaivahan who, together with his trusted friend and counselor Chekitana, had determined the time and the place in Palestine where they would travel to pay homage to the incarnate God.

The Maharajah appointed his mother and brother as joint regents in his Kingdom and set out for Palestine, accompanied by Chekitana. Their sacred route passed through Armenia, which in those days was divided into two warring kingdoms, ruled by twin brothers, Gaspar and Dikran. Rama reconciled the brothers and Gaspar permitted Dikran to rule both kingdoms, so that he might joined Rama and Chekitana on their pilgrimage.

Journeying south, they met a Bedouin astrologer, Shakh Baal-das-Oaussar (meaning; ‘The Servant of the God Osiris’). The Shakh asked to accompany them, and so with two attendants he joined the entourage. At the appointed time they reached Palestine and, although they could read Herod’s thoughts and thus were well aware of the king’s malice, Baal-das-Oaussar insisted on visiting Herod in hopes that their visit might change Roman Ruler’s heart.

From there they continued to Bethlehem, where, led by the star, they found the Holy Family. The Maharajah Rama-Touaivahan presented himself to Joseph and Maria, and introduced them to his friend and counselor Chekitana. He then presented the Armenian King Gaspar, and his attendants. The Bedouin Shakh stepped forward introducing himself and his two attendants. The Maharajah approached the child, took off his purple, royal robe, and placed it around the crib. Only his white undergarment remained and so students of the Research of Truth have always worn white robes, symbols of purity of intent and dedication, in reverence for that moment.

The Maharajah next removed his sword, put his right foot on a stool, and pressed the sword against his thigh. The sword snapped in half. He set the two pieces of the broken blade at the foot of manger where the God-child lay, proclaiming, ‘My Lord, at your feet are all power and authority.’ This is the origin of the Unpointed Sword of peace, reason and love, used by the White-Robe brotherhood in meditation and initiations.

Then the Maharajah knelt by the manger praying. Beside him Chekitana also prayed. His prayers complete, the Maharajah stood and exclaimed, ‘Ham El Khior!’ (Sanskrit; ‘We see God’). Thereafter the Maharajah Rama-Touaivahan was called Ham El Khior. The Maharajah beckoned one of his attendants to approach with a large, wooden box. He placed this at the feet of the virgin mother saying, ‘My Lady, mother of the Son of God, accept this gold as a token of our love. You will soon have need of it.’ 

The Armenian king, Gaspar knelt before the God-child. Gaspar grasped the manger with both hands and pressing his forehead against it, he wept saying,’ My Lord, Son of the Almighty, you guided us here with your bright star. We humble ourselves before your Divine majesty. My Lord and God of Love, have mercy on us.’ From the hands of an attendant, Gaspar took an incense burner and filled it with the burning charcoal and incense. The house filled with its lovely aroma. King Gaspar presented the Virgin Mother with a box full of incense and a bag of gold.

Shakh Baal-das-Oaussar approached the Holy Family with his Bedouin attendants, bowing before the God-child, glorifying Allah, the One God, the God of their father, Ibrahim. Kneeling, the Shakh expressed his adoration and presented his offerings. And so Three Magi, their quest fulfilled, mounted their horses and camels. With hearts lifted up and full of peace, the pilgrims departed Bethlehem to spread the joyous news.

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men. – Luke 2:14

*Daskalos used this replica of the unpointed sword to initiate seekers into the Circles for the Research of Truth.