Our Tenets

Among the Tenets of our Teachings We hold….

… that the Godman, Joshua Immanuel, the Christ, was offered directly by His Father to us, as a pure embodiment of the Logos. As Yohannan [Saint John] states in His Gospel, Jesus Christ is, “the real light which enlightens every man… coming into the world” (John 1:9). Unlike the human Masters who have blessed us with their presences (with wisdom garnered through cycles of incarnations), Jesus Christ and His Divine Teachings are cherished in our work as direct, universal and timeless. As such, in our Teachings, our beliefs and behavior are an attempt to reflect the Wisdom and Love of Christ. The Teachings of Jesus Christ, as preserved in the New Testament, offer indispensable guidance in the exultation of consciousness.

… that each Spirit Soul is enhanced and edified through a series of incarnations. Furthermore, we conduct our lives and our experiences by vehicle of a Holy Monadic form, the human form. There are billions upon billions of forms composing worlds of the material and the less tangible. Each form is contained within its particular Cycle of Possibilities and Probabilities, demarcating a range of attainable expressions and experience. Transmigration between forms would be an impossible violation of Divine Law. Humans are always humans and cannot be rendered into animals or any other forms.

… there is but one Self extending from the present-day personality to the Spirit-Soul Self. Division within the Selfhood, with a layering of levels of consciousness, arises as the Spirit enters the worlds of separation and relates to the varying realms and worlds of reality. Each expression of our self is a mark on a continuum of which one pole is our ‘Beingness’ and the other our ‘existence’, with each expression vital to the Self as a whole. This Selfhood, after completing its sojourn into the worlds of separateness, is assimilated to its Real nature and with the Absolute Beingness in Theosis. In Theosis the more rarified elements of the identity remains preserved and Self-conscious.