teachings/Burning Questions

What are Dreams?

As a personality George or Mary move within the material body. After some hours the material body feels tired and it falls asleep, most of the time without dreams. Really, dreams do not exist. While dreaming they have simply entered the psychical worlds without noticing it. And because they are not able to sort things out, they are getting upset with it all, thinking that these worlds are not real.

Whether you know it or not, every night, each of you abandons the physical body for a certain amount of time.  What do you think sleep is?  Every night the self-aware personality with the psychical body must withdraw from the physical body.  This is so that the Holy Spirit, through the creative ether will have the chance to heal and strengthen the physical body, for the benefit of the entity that will return to its physical body in the morning.

Now where do you think you go during this time? You could be just a few meters away from your physical body in your psychical body dreaming.  The psychic body of an ordinary human is not developed to a point that can be used fully and express it’s self independently as self-awareness.  You may have noticed that in your dreams you don’t think, and when you don’t think you accept everything that happens as natural.  This is because you don’t work on your psychical body through the noetical body that is within the psychical body… but it is inactive.  Therefore, we must set in motion the functioning of our psychical and noetical bodies.  Can your physical body function properly without exercise?  No and neither can your psychical body.

Just imagine, now it is night time and you are sleeping.  Some of you dream and some of you don’t dream at all.  Dreams sometimes can be logical or illogical and sometimes frightful.  You accept these dreams without much thought.  Sometimes you have pleasant dreams.  You could find yourself in very beautiful surroundings that amaze you the next morning.  These are not creations of your fantasy; you have found yourself in beautiful places of the psychical world.  But the impression on the consciousness of the personality is difficult because you don’t know how to bring back the memory.  But the next day you return wholly in your physical body although for hours your self-awareness was practically in a state of non-existence.  Where were you then?  You were not in the physical body; the physical body was sleeping and fully functioning.  The Holy Spirit was taking care of it.  But you, at least as self-awareness, you were not in the physical body.

Why do we see incoherent dreams?  And why don’t we all see logical dreams?  Why can’t we all move consciously within the psychical worlds and get to know them?  You do move in the psychical worlds while you are dreaming, but you don’t know it.  You are not awake (as self-awareness with your psychical body) in the psychical world.  It is not your dreams or your experiences that are incoherent, but the imprinted experience which is incorrect in the material brain.  Your memory of your experience in the psychical world is about 2% of your total experiences there.  Sometimes during the day, you may remember something of a dream experience you have completely forgotten. You will have these experiences, it is quite natural.

During the night, some people wake up when they are outside of their bodies. When they come back to their physical body in the morning they recall that they have seen a very beautiful dream. Most of you have that experience. “But, after all it’s a dream”. No! It’s an experience in the psychical world – they are not dreams, they are experiences! Somebody will say, “Yes, but I have seen such a bad nightmare, I have seen stupid things which are not real”. Everything is good and real. The way you imprint it in yourself, in your consciousness in the morning is wrong.

I’ll give an example: if your material brain is a [film-type] camera and you see a landscape, you take a picture of it and then you take a picture of another landscape without turning [advancing] the film in the camera then take another picture of another landscape, and another landscape, then you develop the film. What will you see? You will see all the pictures will be mixed together. I’m telling you, everything in the psychical worlds is in its place, what is wrong is the way you plot it in your so-called waking consciousness in the morning. But, there are ways of training and exercises to help remember. When you do them you will know how to live properly in the psychical world. Then, you’ll find out that you live there in the same way as you are living in this world. Now you don’t confuse the images or impressions and everything is in its place. So it is in the so-called noetical worlds also.

Each human being sees distinct dreams; they are the key which leads us to knowledge of the psychical world.  Now you may ask me – Is the psychical world just dreams? This is the precise point where many protest.  Is it only dreams? What is our life within physical matter other than a dream, a vanity of vanities? Whether we remember yesterday’s experience or last night’s vivid dream, when we compare them what is the difference between them?  The important thing is that we can recall them in our memory and receive the same impressions, time and time again, as often as we like. Research what is beyond the impressions: what am I, who am I that can receive these impressions?  If you think that the psychical worlds, I mean the various sub-planes of the psychical world are the same as the physical world, I am telling you that they are not. But they are worlds where you receive impressions, complete worlds of the phenomenon of life within form.

In introspection you must find your Self as the Dreamer and the Thinker: A dreamer and a thinker? What is the difference? I can be both a dreamer and a thinker. For a dreamer there are sweet and nice dreams but also nightmares, painful dreams. In dreaming we find the qualities of that state I call dreaming; but for a thinker no. A thinker is always a thinker. There are no strange influences. It is our divine nature to be thinkers, by using the Mind. These are the differences between a thinker and a dreamer. And a Researcher of the Truth, during the time he is exercising introspection- is he a thinker or a dreamer? Definitely, he or she should be a thinker. Being a dreamer we reach a stage we call imagination. That’s why concrete thinking is not imagination. We just have to classify properly these two states.

We have to dream. Life is a dream. When is Life a dream? The present moment is not a dream. It is the reality. Yet, all the past, when you bring it forward to your consciousness… is a dream.  What else is that memory than a dream? Bringing it forward again and again this is what makes life a kind of a dream. Of course, that’s having the past in our minds. Yet, having our intentions for the future we can start dreaming for it too. So, what I call a dream is not only something from the past that is coming through that magnificent property of our personality, which brings scenes and persons to the memory.

Now, dreaming (either bringing scenes forward from the past or making new scenes) means revitalizing elementals which are in our sub consciousness. By doing so, we excite powers in us: New desires, more new emotions. So, we must study what we bring up to the memory or to the consciousness from the past or future events.  What is this doing now?  It is creating new conditions.  When the Seeker after the Truth advances in introspection he just has to be an observer and a thinker of all these conditions to understand the reality behind the phenomena and the so-called dreaming. I’ll repeat again. A dream is a dream. But, the dreamer becoming the thinker is not a dream. He is a reality.

I am telling you that, we have many Researchers of Truth that are already working fully in the psychical worlds with their teachers but the next morning they do not remember much. This of course is not necessary at first.  They can work like this for years until they wake up and then they will remember all their experiences.  For proper memory imprinting in the material brain, it will take time and practice.  Just like the physical body needs exercise to function properly, so do the psychical and noetical bodies.   We also need to practice connecting the etheric counterparts of the noetical, psychical and physical bodies so that we can bring the memory from one body to the other.  This is only required at first.  Later we won’t need the memory because we will have a knowing of what we have done and of what we are doing, without relying on our material brain or on our etheric, psychical, or noetical.  We will find that our bodies are not necessary for us to be wholly Self-aware.  This of course won’t happen before we reach the point of being a Super-Conscious Self-Awareness.  I will not try to describe to you the Super-Conscious Self-Awareness, because it is very difficult for you to understand at this stage.