Creating Peace

“Whatever society we live in, no matter the trouble currently besetting the community, let us not have enemies, let us not be unnerved by anything.  Let us sow peace and thereby set an example.”

Visualization, as Daskalos has said: “… is the language between the mundane and the Divine. There is nothing more powerful than thought, and visualization is the process of harnessing thought in a constructive manner for the expansion of consciousness and aiding others in need.”

The following exercise was given by Daskalos to help create peace in any location where we find unrest and violence.  This exercise will help whether  it is a neighbors home, a city or a whole country. The exercise given can be used for any area.  However, we will focus on areas involved in the incidents of September 11. Included below are images of the countries that need our prayers right now.   It is important to have a clear image in mind of the areas we wish to help in this visualization. 

After reading and becoming familiar with the exercise we invite you to join us as we collectively visualize and pray for those who suffer, and pray for peace and reason to prevail over the troubled areas in the world.  If you find it difficult to remember the entire exercise perhaps you can have someone read it aloud or record it on tape and play it back.  If possible try to practice this exercise at 9 PM in your local time zone.


Begin by inhaling comfortable deep breaths.  Slowly inhale white light, exhaling any darkness.  Your material body is now glowing in bright white light while your etheric double is turning sky-blue.

Your consciousness is becoming lighter and no longer hindered by heavy thoughts and emotions.  Begin to expand your consciousness in every direction from where you are sitting.   It passes out of the building, above the trees, like a growing bubble, until you can see the town in which you live.  A lovely rose light pours out from your psycho-noetical heart blanketing first your neighbor’s home then the whole neighborhood and finally the entire town.  You feel joy.

You Continue to expand to the point where you can see the entire nation.  Perhaps there is trouble in some part of it. Your heart continues to pour out love for all.  The whole country is now coved in this misty rose colored light.

Next spread your awareness to encompass first the cloud cover and then the atmosphere.  You can see the whole planet.  It is a gorgeous paradise of deep blue oceans, vast mountain ranges and lush plains.  But you know there is fighting in various parts of the world, great unhappiness, and you want to help.  From where you are, there are no boarders marked, no lines separating people.  It is one world.  All trouble is born of ignorance and misunderstanding.  We want to love one another and live in peace. 

Now your heart is a river of rose light which floods the areas of trouble on the globe with peace and love.  You see millions of smiling faces bathed in the rose light.  You see men laying down their arms and embracing one another in common brotherhood.  You see people giving food and clothes to the others in need.

Now you see the planet move towards you and nestle in your heart.  Moments ago you were on the planet and now it is in you.  Keep the planet in your heart.

Now return back to your present-day personality and your material body.  Breath deeply until you feel you have fully returned.  Wish peace and harmony to prevail the world over.