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To Know The Truth

Stoa Lesson by Daskalos given August 31, 1992

“Our Father, Thou art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy Name, Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our transgressions as we forgive those who are transgressing against us. Lead us while being in temptation and deliver us from evil, for Thine is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory, forever. Amen.

My dear brothers and sisters of our great family, great indeed, the family of the Seekers of the Truth worldwide, I am happy to tell you that we number many, many thousands of brothers and sisters in independent circles of the Researchers of the Truth. I welcome you to this little island of Cyprus.

Now, when we say we are brothers and sisters in the circles, in the independent circles of the Seekers of the Truth, what must we aim at? What is the Truth? We have to give a better definition of what we mean by the Seekers of the Truth and just stick to this great ideal.

All through these centuries, which have passed, the great ones (many great ones) all over the world, in all the nations and civilizations, have engaged themselves with this research of the Truth and they all reached the same conclusions, which they have stated in their own way, and in their own language of course. The Godman, Joshua Emmanuel the Christ, the Essene, the greatest of all, had given the doctrine of Christianity, explaining more on the relative truth concerning the Absolute Infinite Beingness, of course, as far as the human intelligence could understand, giving us a code of life leading to this great Truth. He has called Himself the Way, Truth and Life.

Just in these three words we find the whole teaching. Our research of the Truth is to know what is Life. Life as the Absolute Infinite Beingness, the Everlasting Life, the Absolute Infinite Selfhood, God. And of course, to know what we are as human beings, living beings, and what is our relation to this Absolute Infinite Reality, which is Life. Are we immortal gods, Spirit-Self Egos in the Absolute Infinite Beingness, in the Eternal Life? We must find it out.

Of course, these great ones have stated that all of us are gods, off springs of this Absolute Infinite Reality. Joshua Emmanuel the Christ, feeling himself being an expression of the Logos (maybe the greatest expression on the planet), called Himself God, stating that all of us are gods, sons of the Absolute Infinite Reality.

Yes, but what are we now as human beings (as a phenomena of life)? As phenomena of life – are we gods? Yes, but expressing a time-and-place-space selfhood which is a manifestation and expression of our inner reality, of our inner real nature (which is divine). If there were not the Absolute Infinite Beingness, Life, how would the phenomena of life appear on the gross material planet? Nothing comes from nothing.

So, our duty as human beings (now), is to try to find this out. We ourselves, having of course as guides all the experiences of all the great ones of the past centuries. But, it’s not enough just to accept what they have stated (these enlightened ones). Besides, Joshua Emmanuel the Christ is not suggesting that. He did not say, “Believe blindly,” He said, “One should know the truth himself and the truth shall set him free” – free from all the illusions.

We ourselves have to seek and find the Truth. We ourselves – as what? As gods? No, our inner nature, our real Spirit Ego Soul-Self knows the Truth, because – it is the Truth. But, we as human beings now, a man or a woman, living in the Worlds of Existence (that means the gross material world, the psychical world and the noetical world), we have to know. Finding ourselves slumbering in a cradle of clay, dreaming in a material body, we have to wake up to the reality and understand what is Life as a phenomenon of life all around us (the billions and billions and billions of phenomena of life around us). The animals, the vegetables, the plant kingdom … Everywhere … We must find out what is this reality all around us and what are these phenomena of life and what is the relationship of these phenomena of life (I repeat billions and billions and billions of forms and phenomena of life) to this Absolute Infinite Beingness, the Everlasting Life.

Now, of course, this is a branch of study with which, by using the Mind (the greatest gift given by God to human beings), we can find out the truth, the relative truth concerning the phenomena of life all around us. Just one branch of study.

Yet, we have still more serious things to study – what are we as a phenomenon of life, what are we as human beings living in a gross material body. Is that the only body we are living in, the gross material body, this tangible body of ours? What have the great ones, the enlightened ones, revealed in the past? That we have other bodies – living in them and in the material body at the same time, calling them the emotional body, the psychical body and the noetical body. St Paul is mentioning these three bodies in his letters.

Now, we have to find this out! For the Seekers of the Truth this is not something written just in a holy book or in any other book – something to be accepted without being sure that it is true. Again I come to the instructions of the Godman, Joshua the Christ, “You, know the truth and the truth will liberate you, will set you free from your illusions”. From illusions only? From fears, from the confusion we are in now in this period of time in life. It’s not the duty only of the brothers and sisters of the Seekers of the Truth, of our beloved and great family worldwide, but – of every human being – to find out the truth concerning himself or herself as a human being and study what is Life as a phenomenon of life.

What will we find out by instructions and by personal experiences? That, living as human beings, we have a double self. In that center of our beingness, of our real Being, the immortal Ego-Spirit-Soul Being is extending itself (this is the Will/Pleasure of the Absolute Infinite Beingness and of the other immortal Beings) into the Worlds of Existence creating a living self-shadow – our human intelligence and selfhood, just as the sun is casting a shadow. So, we ourselves as light (because our Spirit-Ego Self is the Light) are casting a shadow into the Worlds of Existence: the material world, the psychical world the noetical world (worlds rather). This shadow is living and is our personality’s consciousness and selfhood.

This is what we can study for the time being: our real Self in expression – to enter the reality, to get to the great conclusion – who are we after all expressing a self in time-and-place in the material plane as a selfhood?

Of course, the Absolute Infinite Beingness, God, the Absolute Infinite Reality, the Absolute Infinite Selfhood, has granted us the greatest gift (which human beings are using now subconsciously only) – the Mind. Cleaning this Mind from emotions and material obstacles we can see our Self reflected in it. To find what? “Yes. I am a shadow, yet – I am that I am. I am God also, because if I am not God, how can I express a selfhood in this material body, which all the animal life around me cannot express? They can use the Mind, the divine gift of God, instinctively and some of them just a little subconsciously, never consciously and never expressing self-consciousness.

So we have to study our nature, human nature as the Self (by using the Mind), in such a way to understand and reflect our Self in our self and know the Truth. So, the one who is in need of knowing is our Present-Day Personality, not our inner Self, because – God knows everything. Our real nature is not in need of learning anything being God. But are we not gods also? Yes, but gods in expression. That’s why Joshua the Godman, Emmanuel the Christ came to the world. To show us the way back to reality, to the Truth. To free the human beings, the petty selves of the human beings, from the tortures of their illusions in life. That was the aim of Joshua Emmanuel the Christ coming to the world.

Now, twenty centuries have passed since the coming of the Godman on earth: preaching, working, expressing His divine nature, showing the light, hated by the darkness, being crucified. Of course, this crucifixion of Christ is puzzling many scholars even today and many of the dignitaries of the churches (that is, the orthodox, catholic and the protestant church) are considering this event as a weakness, human weakness of Joshua Emmanuel the Christ. There is nothing worse as a blasphemy, because reading the Bible, entering the great truth of the Bible and the life of the Godman they should notice that on many occasions He has predicted his crucifixion, which any human being could avoid by running away, which He has not done. Besides the crucifixion was the proof of Godman’s saying that flesh is nearly nothing and that it is the spirit-soul, which is giving life. Stating the greatest truth and proving it, He said, “I can destroy this temple (meaning His material body) and in three days I will resurrect it.” He said that clearly. And He said, “It is for this moment that I came to the world, to be crucified, to prove that flesh is nothing, that personality of a human being is nothing. He also said, “The one who loves his soul…” as a personality definitely “… one day will lose it,” it is what we call the death of the material body “and he who hates it…” who doesn’t give much attention to the personality, “… will gain it.” He will have it because he will have the experiences and the conviction that he is not the personality, but that he is an I-ness, a Spirit-Soul Ego. He spoke clearly about the spirit-soul.

I suggested hundreds of times by now that; at least for a Seeker of the Truth, brother or sister, the New Testament must be his or her greatest friend and instructor. There, you can find the whole truth concerning life, our aim in life and the code of good behavior we should express given by the Godman, Joshua Emmanuel the Christ.

This is the second and the most important branch of our study: using the Mind as reason, we ourselves personally, by personal experiences which will definitely come, to know the truth about Life, our personality, our relation to the other phenomena of life and our relationship with the Absolute Infinite Reality, with God.

I say twenty centuries have passed since the passing over (and everywhere) of the Godman, Joshua Emmanuel the Christ, but – where is He now? “Where there are two or three in my name, I am amongst them”, because, Joshua Emmanuel the Christ is not a historical person who came just like other great and beloved ones and then passed over. He is the fullest and the most complete expression of the Logos Selfhood. He was, He is and He will always be the Life, the Light of all men, according to Saint John the Evangelist.

So, for us Joshua Emmanuel the Christ is not a historical person, but – the beloved one with us and in us now – if we are going to call ourselves logical beings, because, He is the Logos and He has proved it in His teachings. He said, “I am you. I am in you and you are in me.” You can find this truth in the gospels.

In one of His instructions given to His disciples when He called himself a king He didn’t say of the earth, but – the king of the heavens. He said, “The king at the end of time”, the time of life of human beings. He has gathered in His logoic Self the personalities of people, saying to those who considered themselves wretches, “Come, you blessed ones, because when I was hungry you gave me to eat, when I was feeling thirsty you gave me to drink, and when I was naked you gave me something to put on me, when I was in prison…” that means in the material body, “… you have visited me. Come, you blessed ones to the kingdom, prepared for you in all eternity by my Father.”

And they replied to him, “Sir, our Lord, when did we see you hungry and gave you to eat, or thirsty and gave you to drink, or naked and gave you something to put on, or in prison?” He said, “In as much you have done that to one of the least brethren of mine, you have done it to me”, because – “I am in them and they are in me. I am the logoic Selfhood and each one of you, the least brethren of mine, are my Self as the logoic Selfhood”. That’s clear.

And then He said to the other ones, the cursed ones (He didn’t curse them – they were cursed by their own beliefs, just by putting themselves in the Worlds of Separateness, apart from all the other human beings), He told them, “Come, you cursed ones, when I was naked…” I means any human being near them, “… when I was hungry you didn’t give me anything to eat, when I was thirsty you didn’t give me to drink, when I was naked you didn’t give me anything to put on…” and so on. They said, “O Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or naked?” He said, “In what you have not done to these, my least brethren, you have not done it to me either”, because – He is in us, as God, the Logos, and with us as Joshua Emmanuel, the Christ. And He has proved that He is in us, was in us (the Spirit-Ego Self before being a human being), and will always be in us. And He is with us now as human beings.

So, we have a double self – one with a double expression, the human self and the divine real Self. Now what is the difference between them? Are there two selves or is there one in double expression? Definitely, there are not two selves, and many make the mistake to say “the higher self”, “the inner self”, “the over self” – I don’t agree with that. It’s only one Self in double expression, the human and the divine. The Infinite Reality expressing itself.

Yet, there is a difference between the one who is expressing and the expression. I’ll put it more clearly. As human beings, we are either male or female. Now, in the Worlds of Existence, in the material world (in the psychical and in the noetical world also) we are expressing a self-personality which is the self we make the mistake to believe that we are that form – the human from of a man or of a woman. We are born as human beings. We start growing and growing, and start shaping a kind of a personality, of a self, around the material body. A name is given (because a name should be given to any form to exist) and growing up as a person, expressing the qualities of our other bodies (the psychical body as emotions, the noetical body as thoughts – usually slaves of emotions by making very bad use of the Mind) we become this self of “I am George”, “I am Alex”, “I am Mary”, “I am Helen”. This “I am” is common. What is different (as sex or personality) is the name. The “I am” is common to all.

This is our existence as a personality and while we are in the world of changes, which is the law of the Worlds of Existence, we continuously change. As a form in our material body by growing, growing, growing… As emotions, always changing, by having more experiences. Even the personality is growing – not only the body.

So, now we have defined the so-called self of the Present-Day Personality. For how long do you think this personality of yours, of a man or a woman, will exist? A few years, and then the material body (as we say) will die and you will pass over, even as a personality. But now, what’s behind? What’s the heart of this personality? Because, unless there is a heart there cannot be life. The Present-Day Personality cannot live unless it has the real selfhood in it. “You take away your spirit, oh Lord, and everything is abolished”. It is in the songs of the Old Testament. A great truth.

Studying again this kind of time-and-place-space selfhood: what do we know by using our mind? Our emotions and our way of living. It is what you call – this present moment. But, what’s this present moment since two minutes later what is present will be past and we will be in what we call the future? So, we are under the illusions of time, seeing it (the everlasting present, the Everlasting Now) as past, present and future, because – this material world and the psychical and noetical worlds are giving illusions. Time is an illusion and so is our present self. I would rather call it a real dream. It is a dream though, for us, it is considered as the reality. Just think of it. What was real, pleasing, a reality, yesterday or in our life, what is it to us now in bringing it back to our consciousness as memory? And what is the difference in shaping these past experiences and pleasures in so-called future experiences, calling it daydreaming? What is the difference?

Of course, you’ll find the Reality behind all that after entering, what I call, real introspection, looking within. You’ll find the Reality in you, entering, according to Joshua Emmanuel the Christ, into the Kingdom of the Heavens (which is in you). Then you’ll find out that what is a reality for you now is just a continuous dream. A dreaming of “I am George”, “I am Alex”, “I am Helen”, “I am Mary”. An “I am” with a name added to it, male or female. But, what is common to all of our selves (the mortal part of ourselves) is that “I am I”, that I-ness which you have to find out in you, find out as a present-day personality, as a person now. That is our real inner nature.

And then, when you reach there, and somebody asks you “Who are you?” – never mind if you are in a male or a female body, – of course, this time you will not reply with “I am Alex”, “I am Helen”. You’ll see and say, “I am I”. But, this “I” now is your Spirit-Soul-Ego Self, immense as the heavens in you. Then you have found your real nature.

This was the mission of Joshua Emmanuel the Christ, the Godman: to lead us back to our real nature, to the real life. Yes, we are living now but our life is a continuous dream. Dream? Nightmare! Yes, most of the times. Even now, twenty centuries after the passing over of the only human nature of Joshua the Christ, though His everlasting presence is in us and with us, we are still in a world of confusion, in a world of suffering, of pain, of struggle, of fighting, of killing – why? Why? This is the third branch of our study.

We mentioned the first interesting branch of study: to find out the origin and the nature of the phenomena of life around us by using the Mind (meditating). The second branch is to study the reality concerning us as human beings now. As divine immortal Spirit-Ego-Souls? For the time being no need to engage ourselves with that introspection. We will that find out. So, we mentioned also the second branch of our study as the Seekers of the Truth. What is the third one now (as important as the previous ones)? To study seriously the nature of our Present-Day Personality as human beings. To study seriously and sincerely the causes of all this confusion and misery in our life in this material world.

Is this an easy task to engage ourselves with? No. It is not an easy thing because all the time we’ll find in our way what we have created as our present-day self, an egoism, a personal egoism, a devil in our personality which is the only cause of all this confusion and misery in the material world, (in the psychical worlds and in the lower noetical worlds also).

So, we’ll face an enemy now. An enemy or our self? Part of our self, not our real Self. Yes, part of our shadow. Now, you have to, seriously as I said before, seriously and sincerely, to find out the difference by introspection, meditation and hard thinking – find the difference between you (your real Ego-Self) and your egoism (your Present-Day Personality’s expression).

What will you find out? That this Present-Day Personality egoism is the sum-total of the elementals which you (as a present-day egoism) had called forth and created. And then, you’ll find out that – that egoism is not you. In order to come to this conclusion you have to study the nature of your psychical body or your sub consciousness, study the nature of the elementals you have been creating or revitalizing (from the already existing in the psychical atmosphere) composing them and making them a part of that part of your self (called your egoism) which you make the mistake to think that it is your Ego. There is no connection between the Ego (the immortal Ego-Spirit Self of yours) and the present-day egoism of your personality.

How can we separate that? Yes, when you start introspection you’ll learn the nature of wishes, desires and intentions that you think are yours. No! They are the expressions of your personality’s egoism. You have to study the nature of emotions that you think are yours. Once again – no! They are not yours. You’ll find out that all these desires and emotions, many times unbridled, are the work of your personality’s egoism, leading to pain, confusion and suffering to you and to all those around you. Unfortunately, this is the present situation – in the world, in the families, in the communities, in all of the nations! In all of them a demon of evil called human egoism is ruling, maybe – the worst devil. So, we just have to study the nature of this state of things and disentangle ourselves from it.

Now, every day there is a dialogue in us, which you can find out by attention and introspection. You think you are talking to yourself. Yes, of course you are talking to yourself, but who is talking to whom stating what is good and what is evil? Starting to meditate and studying the present circumstances in life – who is doing it? You as a personality, of course. Yet, you can free this personality and behind it find your real personality, which is not the egoism, but – the expression of your real Ego.

So, the goal is not to really annihilate and destroy what you call the personality (your personality), but by studying it, hating your behavior and killing it (“killing” or “annihilating” as a matter of speech), to find out who you are. In this way you’ll save your real soul. This is what Joshua Emmanuel the Christ stated. They made a confusion at that time considering the Present-Day Personality as the so-called sinful soul, which has to be annihilated! We separate the personality from the soul. Joshua says, “The one who hates his soul…” his behavior, the way he is behaving, what is evil, “… will gain his soul…” his real selfhood, “… and the one who loves his present-day personality of evil and egoism is losing his real self for the time being.” That’s a great truth.

So, by observation, introspection, reasoning and checking our behavior, studying and knowing the nature of our emotions and thoughts (slaves of emotions), we can find out which self is our real Self, our real personality, and what is that part of it we call egoism, which we have to silence down or annihilate.

What will you find out then? That by silencing down this egoism (annihilating it) we are not losing anything. George is George and Mary is Mary. One is simply casting out what is considered to be a torturing evil attitude, disenergizing certain elementals to send them into the Cosmic Consciousness. This is the main task of a Seeker of the Truth (a man or a woman): searching by observation and meditation, being sincere with himself, seeing the changes, studying the nature of wishes, emotions, desires and all these things, and – making corrections.

Someone may say, “But how shall we find the egoism?” That’s very easy! When you start this work and make some decisions (you as the Ego-Self, as the real Self) the egoism will present itself reasoning to you (to “you” as an egoism). Then you may disentangle yourself and catch the egoism.

For example, every day (in family relations, in the community, everywhere) something happens: a fellow may come and provoke you. This is something very common. (Remember that you are carrying with you both: your egoism and your selfhood.) In this state of things maybe you hear words that should better not have been spoken by the other fellow. Some insults maybe, or, as you may consider, an ill behavior of a member of your family or the community. Although you have made some decisions to keep calm and study things, at that moment you forget yourself. You revolt and you start fighting with that person. Later, when you are alone, maybe you repent, because you have asked yourself, “Why did I behave in that way? Why did I do those things and say those words?” Here is the time you should not lose, because – your egoism will come forward (not being suspicious of what you are doing): “Yes, of course, but you had to that. He said that and that and you were right to act as you did.” That is the time to catch him. “Come now, cunning one! Now I will catch you. I know you!” So, after being sincere with yourself and studying things and your behavior it is not difficult to catch your egoism and say “No, that’s not me.”

Start knowing – now, the nature of that part of your personality, which is your personal egoism, and you’ll find out that this is the cause – of what? – of all the troubles, misery, fighting and divorces that are leading human beings to despair, giving pain not only to you, but to all in your family, in your community – to all these connected with you. So, by sincere study you’ll find the cause.

Of course, by studying your real nature you’ll come to the conclusion that all of us, male or female, living now, are under the same conditions – slaves of a devil called human personal egoism.

We have to get rid of it now and start not living our life (day and night) by what comes in our way – obeying our personal egoism, but – shaping our life to live it with the principles, laws and virtues and the Will of God.

And one more thing: you’ll reach the conclusion that the burdens of all human beings as vices and sins are yours also. Free yourself from them and you’ll free the others from their own sins too. That’s what Joshua the Christ has done: He had shouldered the vices of humanity, the cross of humanity.

But, in order to reach that conclusion first you must admit (by studying and by introspection) that everyone of us human beings is an offspring of God just like you, and – you have to love them.

Nobody can claim that he loves God if he doesn’t love other human beings around him. What was the instruction of Joshua Emmanuel the Christ? “Love your fellow-men as you love yourself, not less”. They are your Self.

So, sooner or later we shall enter into the common Selfhood, into the logoic selfhood, and in that we’ll definitely find that each one of us is everybody around us. As long as we have our attention on the tips of our fingers, we are feeling separate one from the other but when we enter into the palm, we find that we are all! To reach this conclusion, of what I call the common logoic Selfhood, we have to work hard.

What will be the gain out of it? You will find who you are, what you are. You’ll become the master of Mind-matter. You’ll become the master of your Mind-emotions. You’ll know what they are. You’ll be able to change and reshape them. Then, you’ll become the master of your Mind-(reasonable) thought, not allowing it to become a slave of your emotions. You’ll become the master of life – of your destiny. Then you’ll value life. You’ll know what is life as the manifestation of the Absolute Infinite Life in the Worlds Existence, in the Worlds of (unfortunately) the Separateness. That’s what we have to find out: that the World Separateness is an illusion. What is not an illusion and is a real Reality is the world of the Absolute Beingness and Selfhood, which is God.

We’ll find our place in God. We’ll find the Kingdom of the Heavens in us. In us? Not in us as a Spirit-Ego Being only but in us as a purified Present-Day Personality also. Because, even the Present-Day Personality is God. And, when Joshua Emmanuel the Christ was addressing the people (even the Pharisees), He was not addressing their Spirit-Soul Selves only – He was addressing the human beings. He said, “All of you are Gods, sons of the Almighty”. Reach to that realization to find this great Truth.

Now, something else I have to say.

I am really very glad seeing the great, great work we have accomplished worldwide with the grace of God, this work of ours as the Seekers, the Researchers of the Truth. From this point of view I feel greatly pleased, yet terribly tired, because after all I am a human being and I am well advanced in age. Never mind that. All through these past years I was facing always the same mistake, both by leaders and by members, brothers and sisters of our most beloved circles worldwide. Some of these people thought that by approaching me and engaging ourselves in lazy talk, I was giving them attention. That is a great mistake. My love is for every one of you, brothers and sisters. I am not giving my love to anyone more than I give to the others. I insist and I say – I give much, much love, much more than you can think that I am giving you.

So, the worst mistake of a human being, not only of a brother or a sister, is the feeling that he is not observed, or given more attention. This gives me great, great grief. I love you all the same. And each one of you, thinking of your brother-guide, is receiving ten-fold his love. Just realize that!

So, each one of you (even the leaders) must have in your minds that all through these years presenting certain questions I was repeating the same and the same and the same things hundreds of times. Nothing more tiresome to me!

Now, I have to say that most or nearly all of your questions can be answered by the teaching I have given until now – in books, in tapes, in private talks, in instructions given and in the lessons I continue giving. So, study the teaching, the theoretical lessons. I have given much, much, much more than you think. You have just to study and reach your conclusions. You can use the Mind, the greatest gift of God to man, as I am using it. I can’t claim and say that I am thinking better than you think, if you try to think. So, you have to think for yourself and then you’ll be benefited. Use your mind to reach your conclusions.

The principles and our study is already given, and will be given and repeated in the future. You can find it, I repeat, in books, in tapes, in the past lessons I have given. So, please engage yourselves a little bit with that. What you need is not so much theory, because you have had too much theory until now. What you are in need of – not only you, I speak of all the hundreds of thousands of brothers and sisters, all you need to practice, to make as parts of your life the teaching and to engage yourselves seriously, daily, with the right meditation, learning the concentration, observation, and introspection. These are the golden keys that open the gate to the Kingdom of the Heavens in you. You have to work; you have to use your own powers. Everything else, books and brother-instructors are showing the way and helping you, but – you have to toil yourself to find the Truth, and to know the truth considering Life. So, you have to work.

Now, something I have seen in many brothers and sisters all over the world. All of you, male or female, men or women, are found now in a society in such a place where destiny has put you to learn your next lessons. Nothing is by chance, we are all under the Absolute Infinite Intelligence. So, I ask the brothers and sisters to cast away their dissatisfaction from them. It is an insult to God! You should be satisfied with what you have now. Never mind what it is that you have – there is something to give you pleasure. Of course, I don’t mean that you should not think having changes for the better in your life. No, I don’t mean that. Ask God to allow it to you. Use the Mind soberly and the changes will come to you for the better. Just complaining and trying to kick away your present-day circumstances in order to start this kind of esoteric life and work -is unwise.

So, accept the present conditions and ask the Father to give you the means for changing it for the better. Even now, you have much, much time to engage yourself even with the esoteric teaching.

Now, being sincere with yourself and seeing your life, your everyday life, you must come to the conclusion that you are wasting many, many, many, hours which you could use in a better way. Wasting many hours in gossiping, in paying attention to this or that. You have to stick to your duties in the family, in your profession, in your work, using the mind for better changes in your life, and some of the hours, lazy hours, you can use them as a pleasure and study. Any moment in your life, everyday life, must be a moment of observation. Anything in your life, in your family life, in your profession can give you the means of using the Mind in reasonable way. So, there are no circumstances more favorable than the others. Or rather, I say under certain circumstances you can use the Mind much, much better, and reach better conclusions. What I suggest is use the Mind as reasoning at all times. You have plenty of time for meditation, observation, concentration and introspection.

Now, meditation – I don’t know what other systems of the East are suggesting, a wasting of time without any good result. You don’t need to meditate more than a quarter of an hour every day. That is enough, but in that quarter of an hour do meditate. Concentrate and just do the work. I had some people following certain branches of yoga, “Oh, I was meditating for so many hours and this and that…” And succeeded in what? Breaking their nervous system. And in the end? Giving up everything! This is the result of too many hours of this kind of study. So, quarter of an hour of serious study in the esoteric teaching and all through the day using the Mind as observation and right thinking is good for the advancement of every brother or sister.

Introspection. At night just doing that exercise of introspection (I have given it many times) will take you no more than 10 to 15 minutes the maximum and sleep will come to you. In bringing into your mind an event of that day start seeing it as a third person now. Seeing the whole scene and studying it, studying the circumstances, what will you find out? That maybe you said things that you shouldn’t have said, and now, you find out it would have been better that you didn’t say them. Use a motto now, “What did I say that I shouldn’t have said?” and “What didn’t I say that I could have said? What did I do that I shouldn’t have done and now I repent? What didn’t I do that I should have done?” Maybe instead of giving a slap giving a kind smile and a caress with a good word to a child.

Having this before you and studying the circumstances and the events that have passed away, you’ll reach your conclusions as the real Self. I say – the egoism will present itself. Catch it! “No, I decide, not you!” That’s what I mean by sincerity with yourself.

So, by being sincere with yourself you can slowly, slowly eliminate the egoism of the Present-Day Personality until you completely annihilate it, and that means – disenergizing certain elementals, sending them to the Cosmic Consciousness, and getting your self free from them.

These are the main things and the duties of every brother and sister in our great family of the Seekers of the Truth.

Now (giving you all these advises), if you close your eyes at the time you are meditating and bring before you this teaching (not necessarily my face or my person) the intelligences attending you will help you, I assure you about that. You are surrounded by great intelligences ready to help you just if you are sincere with yourselves and you want to help yourselves. Our great family of the Seekers of the Truth, I assure you, is well attended by great intelligences. Rely on their love for you and their attention to you. Yes.

We’ll make a meditation now which Joshua Emmanuel the Christ, our Lord, was giving to his 70 disciples (in the Essene synagogue, in the Essene brotherhood), training them before sending them to the world to work as healers and teachers.

First of all, relax completely. Feel you are in your human bodies listening to Joshua Emmanuel the Christ, attuning himself as a human being, completely, in perfect at-one-ment with His divine Self the Logos, as He spreads His hands saying, “Listen to me, all of you, offspring of mine. I am in you, God in you, God your real Self and you are in me, always, as gods. And I am also with you as human beings, as a loving Father. Every breath you take prolonging the life of your material body, is a fatherly kiss of mine to you, my beloved ones. I will not talk to you in words in any language, but in actions, in my expression, as the heat keeping your bodies alive. I am in you, as the breeze, the fresh air caressing your faces. As your sight I am in your eyes making you enjoy my works all around you, as phenomena of life. I am the sight in you. I am creating the Mind-matter all the time for you to keep your material body living. I am the living bread of Life. I am the living water in you, which you will drink and never get thirsty. I am the vitality everywhere in the world. You are in my omnipresence without knowing it. I am the voice in your minds when you are doing something, which is not right, not rebuking you, but waking you up. I am love in your heart. Cast away from your heart every evil emotion, enmity, cruelty … I am the life in you. Enjoy this life. You are my off springs, my Self. I love you. Love all my expressions, love all the other human beings around you as your own Self”.

Now put this question to yourself “What am I as a self-conscious being living in this material body of mine which the Logos and the Holy Spirit had built up for me to live in and which they and the Holy Archangels unceasingly are working in to keep it in good health for me to live in it. I am a living being, in the Absolute Infinite Life, Beingness Reality, in God, and so are all of my brothers and sisters, human beings, breathing and living, enjoying life, enjoying the great gifts of our heavenly Father, of God.”

“Give us this day our daily bread” means make us realize this heavenly bread, which is the Mind.

“Who am I living in this material body? Am I the material body, the material body changing all the time? Am I my emotions, my desires, my intentions? No. Am I my thoughts, which are changing according to circumstances? No. What am I? What am I as a self-conscious being? Apart from a human being, simply being, what am I as a Self, as Life?” – these are synonyms.

Tomorrow we’ll continue the lesson on meditation, concentration, introspection, and more work. Of course, the lesson I gave you today, it’s not a lecture, it’s not a public lecture, it’s a lesson to my great most beloved family, to my brothers and sisters in our system of the Research of the Truth.