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THE SYMBOL OF LIFE  by Dr. Stylianos Atteshlis (Daskalos) ISBN 9963-8162-1-5 
The “Symbol of Life” is a symbol of Christian mysticism.  Its ten centers and the path between represent life, the whole process of creation and the way back to Man’s origin. Until now the teachings of the “Symbol of Life” has been restricted to small circles of students. In this book the well-know Cypriot mystic and healer, Dr. Stylianos Atteshlis, traces the history of the “Symbol of Life” and explains its symbolism. He invites the reader to meditate on the different aspects of life and creation in order to enable him or her to reach higher levels of consciousness. Dr. Atteshlis takes you to the 13th and 14th centuries B.C. of Ancient Egypt where the “Symbol of Life” was already known. He reveals the connection between the Symbol of Life,  the radical reign of Egypt’s Pharaoh – Amenhotep IV (Ankhenaton), the so called Amarna Period which introduced Monotheism (one god religion)  for the very first time in recorded history.


Excerpts from the Symbol of Life by Dr. Stylianos Atteshlis – Daskalos

Surrounded by many dangers, [Pre-historic] man was feeling the need to rely on a stronger entity for protection. He had created his Gods to stimulate the courage necessary to face the difficulties of life he was facing at that time.   

Man had worshipped the Sun, feeling that the Sun God was giving him strength. He had worshipped the moon, fire, rivers, mountains and nature. He was very often giving to his Gods the human form, giving also to his Gods names.   

Of course those Gods Man had worshipped were Elementals which, when worshipped by many people were gaining both strength and a kind of intelligence. These Elementals, strengthened by the prayers of those worshipping them, could influence greatly the worshippers.

Man, having many experiences decided to find a way to record them.  To record his beliefs for himself, and for his descendants, Man had found the easiest way was to use symbols. Engraving his symbols Man could later bring back in his mind what these symbols meant to him. Man was explaining the meaning of his symbols to his descendants who would be able to share with him his beliefs and his experiences.  Of course those symbols were creating Elementals (living thought-forms) most powerful at times…

Drawing and Text from Symbol of Life book by Daskalos

The Symbol of Life given now is a purely Christian system. It is the old Egyptian Symbol of Life changed and modified by the Prince and High Hierophant Khor-Aton (Khor-Amon) at the time of his Majesty the King of Egypt, the Pharaoh AnkhenAton.   

Khor Aton was re-incarnated, again in Egypt, as the Christian Bishop Origenes (Origen). Origenes made also some changes in the Divine part of the Symbol and elsewhere, using the Revelation of St. John in the New Testament, giving the Symbol of Life (as it is now) to the Essenes….

[At the time of Moses] The Egyptian Symbol of Life was neglected and could be seen only in a few temples of the Sun-God Amon-Ra as an ornament. Very few hierophants were using it; and the Shakh Kniu-Mu Mosis [Moses] was one of them.    

Shakh Kniu-Mu Mosis [Moses] had succeeded in raising his self-consciousness to high levels. He was able to contact intelligences in space, and by invoking them, he succeeded to put their forces under his commands, which enabled him to perform great wonders…

In the Holy Bible, in the Old Testament, the chapter entitled “Exodus” describes clearly the events, the plagues, and also what Moses had succeeded to achieve by using the Egyptian Symbol of Life.

The Shakh Kniu-Mu Mosis [Moses] had changed the Egyptian Symbol of Life and presented it to the Jews as the “Etz Ha’ Chayim”, the “Tree of Life”, the Hebrew Qabalah. On the “Etz Ha’ Chayim” the names of the Egyptian Gods were taken out from the Centers (Sephira) and new names were given to each such as Kether, Yesod, etc…
On the sketch of the “Etz Ha’ Chayim” one can see on the Sephria (Centers), the name of either an angel or the name of an Archangel….

On the Symbol of Life the seekers of the Truth are using, all the Archangels can be contacted in every Center.


Centers (Hebrew: Sephira) 

Centers of energy and activity (Sanskrit: Chakras) located at various points on the etheric doubles of our bodies. Each of the three bodies, from the gross material to the more refined, displays these centers, which correspond to organs of the material body. These centers act as gates and store­houses for elementals. We must exercise care in working with these centers, for while it is necessary for us to develop and awaken certain of them, others are the domain of the Holy Spirit, the Archangels and the Logos –e.g. the “root” and the heart centers– and we should refrain from any manipulation or direct interference.


When Pharaoh Amenhotep IV (at a service in the temple of Amon Ra, the Sun God) was on the platform, invoking Amon-Ra repeating loudly the Khe-Kau (words of power), a red flame  appeared on the right side of the golden image of the sun.  A violet flame then appeared on the left side of the gold in image of the sun.  In the flames two human looking figures appeared.  The Pharaoh lost his consciousness, falling down on the platform. Khor-Amon,  [The High Hierophant] took the Pharaoh to the nearby palace in Uast (Thebes)  …. Khor-Amon told the Pharaoh the he himself, and all the others had seen the flames and the human-looking figures.  Mikh-Ra-Dat  (a hierophant who was present) said that the materialized figures were an Archangel of the Order of the Maha-Els (Michaels) and an Archangel of the Order of the Ra-pfa-Els (Raphaels).

Next day the Pharaoh summoned the Assembly of Hierophants…and announced his decision to abolish the Assembly as a Body and expel from the Institute all Hierophants opposing the new order.  The Pharaoh announced to the Assembly that the he believed in and was now worshiping, the One Real god Aton, the Absolute Infinite Beingness, the everlasting Life, the symbol of which is the holy Ankh.  

An open ware between the Hierophants worshiping the many Gods and the Pharaoh had begun.  

… Mikh-Ra-Dat & Khor-Amon prepared a hall  [dedicated to the meditation and adoration of Aton – the spiritual sun] in the palace in Apts (Karanak)… and placed the Symbol of Life.

… on one occasion, the Pharaoh had to be standing in front of the Khaut (altar), the two flames – the red flame and the violet flame – appeared on the right and on the left sides of the Khaut.  Maha-El (Michael) appeared in the red flame and , stepping out of the fiery red flame, he materialized himself and beckond to Khor-Amon to approach him.

Khor Amon got up and approached the Archangel, who embraced Khor-Amon. Half of the Archangel’s body entered in the body of Khor-Amon. 

When the ceremony had ended the Pharaoh, in addressing Khor-Amon, had called him “Khor-Aton”.  In addressing his wife Nefer-Dhiti (Nefertiti), he had called her “Merit-Aton”. He then asked all in the future to call him “Ankh-en-Aton” (AnkhenAton)

Raising both his hands, the Pharaoh AnkhenAton exclaimed:

Aton Neter Ankh tteta en Kheh rekh
God Aton, Life everlasting in eternity, I know

Neb En Pet Kha En T-ta Neter En Maat
Lord of Heaven and of Earth God of Truth

Rekh A-at Neb Sek-Hem-AA Em utu
I know Great Lord I have gained the mastery of what is asked

a-arit er-a ttep t-ta neb en ankh kna en Mer A-atef I-ia nek
to be done for me on Earth, Lord of Life and of Love. Divine Father I have come to you.

Now Spirit and matter, the light and the illusion were at war in Khemt (Egypt).

To attempt to write about, to describe, and to try to explain in words, how one can construct (in the etheric doubles of his bodies) and use the Symbol of Life, is a tremendously difficult undertaking. If you, as a researcher of the truth, want to construct the Symbol of Life on your etheric double, you must be thoroughly prepared. You should first of all fully master the skill of observation and visualization. You should have done the exercises with observation and visualization that we have given in previous lectures and in the book “Esoteric Practice.”

Then you should be well acquainted with the etheric double of your material body. We have given exercises with the kinetic ether, to move in the etheric double of the material body. You should know the aesthetic or feeling giving ether and master it completely to feel yourself in your material body. These are exercises given to everybody as preliminary practices.

This  massive book, contains the history, description and guide to the Symbol of Life practices, which includes English & German translations and the original manuscript in Daskalos’ own hand and his illustrations.   Through the Symbol, most recently taught by Daskalos, we become more aware of the purpose and work of our incarnation.   Through the Symbol, most recently taught by Daskalos, we become more aware of the purpose and work of our incarnation. ISBN 9963-8162-1-5 published by the Stoa Series, P.O. Box 28347 2093 Strovolos Nicosia Cyprus.  © 1998 Panayiota Theotoki-Atteshli .   See Symbol Of Life  & Compainion Teaching Audio Symbol of Life Teachings on CDs  & NEW Meditation practices on the Symbol of Life now available here.