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Excerpts from a Stoa Lesson on the Elementals

“We have the emotional thought forms in various degrees of purity and that purity of the elementals depends on the nature of the emotions and the amount of thought in the emotions. But, if you find the thought a slave of an emotion, then that elemental is the elemental not desired to be built up! Now, the thought emotional elementals are not that. The thought dominates. There is only a slight feeling of emotion to know the truth about thought. These are the constructive thought forms (elementals).

So, all these elementals, emotional or thought elementals, get a form. And the form of it, the color of the form, brown color, even what you call the black color, are the thought forms of passions, weaknesses, hatreds, envy. You can see elementals with very dark yellow color (which you wouldn’t like to see). Especially elementals of envy have this color.

So, though those who create elementals do not see them, they are under their influence, because they are in their sub-consciousness. If people could see the elementals they are projecting, they would be frightened! So, our whole life, day and night (and during the night you are creating elementals, because you continue vibrating with the vibrations of your emotions), a Present- Day-Personality, a human being, creates elementals. Our work is to know the nature of the whole Present-Day-Personality we express. 

The Christ was the first who clearly spoke about the elementals, calling them the evil spirits. He not only described them but also said how they are created and how they behave. He said that an evil spirit, coming out of the human body, from the human mind, goes to “waterless places” (He described those surroundings), and then, returns back home, comes back to the man, carrying with it seven other spirits worse than it, though finding its home clean (it means that at that moment there were no more evil thoughts). Yet, it finds the way back through the seven gates – the seven centers of energy in the etheric double. Seven. He even described the number. And then, when it enters, what happens? What we call possession – being influenced and possessed by the evil spirits (people throwing themselves down, showing signs of epilepsy and all other things). You can find everything in the Bible, in the New Testament. These evil spirits, that we call bad elementals, have their own intelligence, the intelligence of the fellow who had projected them.

 In one case He met a fellow on the ground showing fits of epilepsy. When He approached him, that man started speaking, expressing the elementals in him who took over, “Yes, we know you. You are the Son of God and you came to torture us.” That means that even these elementals have ill feelings. They knew that feeling of being tortured because they were torturing the fellow who accepted them. They even had suggestions, “Don’t cast us to the darkness, but allow us to go to this herd of swine.” It is stated in the Bible. “All right,” He said, “yet, who are you?” They said, “We are many. We are a legion.” A legion torturing that fellow. He ordered them to leave that man and they entered the herd of swine. The swine didn’t accepted them and threw their material bodies into the sea where they drowned. Even the swine did not like to accept them. 

So, it is well described – the elementals and what they do. Now, what do we know? Don’t think that things have changed! There are many amongst us, around us, who are possessed by these elementals. They think they are devils. No. These are their own elementals and they are responsible either for their creation or for their revitalization (from the slumbering elementals of the kind in their group elemental). Like seeks like. No evil elemental can torture and enter an innocent and clean person! You must have that in mind. Vibrating in the rates and frequencies of the vibrations of these elementals we attract them, just like a magnet, and allow them to come and find entrance through the centers of vitality of our etheric double. That’s clear.

We won’t protect ourselves from these elementals by being afraid of them, but by being clean ourselves. Clean – not attracting them. I assure you no bad elemental can influence anyone who is not vibrating at the same frequency of vibration with them. Vibrating – how? Feeling certain desires, emotions, which are not clean in reality. We are responsible, because evil elementals (there are good elementals also) are attracted by the rate and the frequency of vibrations of the etheric double of our psychical body. So, we have to work on the psychical body to keep it clean

Now, can we meet these elementals on a higher level, what we call the noetical plane? Yes, in the noetical plane we can find them, but not in the higher planes. Usually, these elementals have as their main body the emotion (desire) of the fellow who is creating them and very little mind (I call it cunningness – how to carry out its aims) – Very, very little mind and much emotion.

Creating elementals with reasoning, their only emotional part is to create them and make them do some service to humanity. I call them angelic elementals, constructive elementals, real thought forms and not emotion thought-forms. So, we classify their quality (let us use more plain words now) as good and bad elementals. In the same way we can create, revitalize or give life to a bad elemental, we can to a good one. Why not make a good, positive, constructive elemental instead of a bad one, torturing us and the others (who are vibrating at the same rate of vibration with those elementals). 

Where are these elementals stored up in our personality? Now, first of all, our personality is the sum-total of the elementals, good or bad. These elementals are composing our Present-Day Personality – the personality of Mary, Helen, George or Peter. So, where are these elementals, good and bad, stored up in our personality? In the etheric double of our material body, in the etheric double of our psychical body (which coincides in space), and mainly there, and in the etheric double of our noetical body (in the lower parts of the noetical body), all coinciding in place. Place? Where is that place? – The personality of a man. 

And what do we call that storehouse which is in the personality? Sub-consciousness. We’ll call it the subconscious Mind, which is in every personality, in every person. And I would rather say that it is the three fourths of the personality, because a human being now is living subconsciously, thinking and believing that he is living consciously, being all the time under the influence of the subconscious Mind.

When will one live consciously?   When one develops the real self-consciousness.”