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Mastering the Mind

(The Essenes and the One Spirit-God)

Lecture given by Daskalos on 16 OCTOBER 1989 Nicosia Cyprus

“Our Father, Thou art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy Name, Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our transgressions as we forgive those who are transgressing against us. Lead us while being in temptation and deliver us from evil, for Thine is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory, forever.

Absolute Infinite Beingness, God. Everlasting Life, Love and Mercy. Manifesting Yourself in Yourself as Your Total Wisdom and Your Almightiness in Your Omnipresence, enlighten our minds to understand You as the Truth. Clean our hearts to reflect Your Love towards You and towards all other human beings. Amen.

The Enlightened Ones for centuries taught the humanity what our most beloved Lord Joshua Emmanuel, the Godman, had confirmed. Confirmed – how? By just saying, speaking and preaching? And in this way too, but mainly by His examples and His works in wonders and miracles, proving to us that our material body and our other bodies, the so-called psychical and noetical bodies, are not our real Self, but that we are the off springs of Allaha (as Jesus used to call God), gods. That’s the Reality. What He taught them, the intelligences will give us the lesson today.

Now, what we believe is that the Absolute Infinite Reality is the Absolute Infinite Be-ness, and Beingness, we call God. What we know as characteristics of this Absolute Beingness now, is that apart from its Self-Sufficiency in Him there is the Will/Pleasure of manifesting Itself in Itself. How do we know that? By just examining, learning, studying the phenomena of life in which we can see the Total Wisdom and Its Almightiness of this Infinite Beingness, and Its great Love to all of Its creation and to us human beings. What is the Absolute Be-ness, God the Father, nobody can know – as a human being.

Joshua Emmanuel the Christ, the God-man, was preaching all this to His disciple-healers. He didn’t have only 12 disciples, He had thousands of Israelites and Essenes teaching them healing and preaching them the Reality. Talking about His Father and our Father, Joshua Emmanuel the Godman, used to call Him “Allaha”.

Now, what you call Jesus, He and His family and most of His disciples were Essenes, they were not Jews. What were the Essenes? The Essenes appear in Egypt as descendants of the worshippers, Israelites and Greeks (in Egypt), believing in Aton, the one Spirit-God which the pharaoh Ankhenaton, breaking the idols, declared as the real God. For centuries there was a fight between the old religion of the gods, the idols, and the one God, the Spirit-God, the God of the heavens and of the earth.

So, we find the Essenes in Egypt. They included the Greek-speaking Israelites who remained in Egypt and also the Egyptians. The language the Essenes were speaking was Greek and Aramaic. The Aramaic language came from the Egyptian language. So, these Essenes were in Egypt, but also in Palestine, in Cyprus, in Asia Minor and in Mesopotamia. They existed worshipping the one God the Father, the benevolent Father.

At that time they had three religions. The Greek idolaters worshipping idols, false gods, the Greeks and Romans. Then we have the Essenes believing in a God, calling him in Greek “Theos” and in Aramaic “Allaha”. They believed in a God the Father in Spirit, the merciful, loving God. And the Israelites who were worshipping and believing in one Spirit-God also, but a God of vengeance. The difference between the Essenes and the Israelites was that the Essenes believed in Allaha, a benevolent Father, while the Israelites believed in a powerful vengeful God, who was claiming blood sacrifices.

They both believed in one and the same Allaha, but, while the Essenes were considering the Israelites their brothers, the Israelites were considering the Essenes heretics. Why? Because they made reforms – no blood sacrifices. Not the God of Moses who in the old times was even claiming human sacrifices. You may find it in the Old Testament. Ibrahim or Abraham had to sacrifice Ishak or Isaac. Then later, another biblical personality had to sacrifice his only daughter by burning. Reading the Old Testament you may find such cases. So, there was a great difference between the Allaha of the Essenes and the Allaha of the Israelites.

Now, though the Essenes were loving the Israelites, the Israelites were considering them heretics. They were killing them by stoning and, as they have done to Joshua Emmanuel the Christ, by crucifying them. Of course, this crucifixion of the Godman created, after a certain time, the claim that Joshua Emmanuel the Christ was a man who lost his powers, treating the crucifixion as the weakness of a human being. Even Caiaphas was provoking Him in front of the guards. He heard all, he acknowledged the miracles that Joshua was doing, and he was not helping himself at that time. But, for the Essenes it was not the weakness of a human being, of the Son of Man, it was the triumph of the Godman.

If you read the New Testament you’ll find in many cases that He spoke about His crucifixion. In one case, when Petros asked Him, “Why do you not go to Syria not to be in the power of the Jews, of the Sanhedrin?”, He said, “It is for this hour that I have come, to prove that what I am teaching is true. The material body is not me. Your material body is not you. Don’t be afraid of those who can kill your material body, they can do nothing to your Soul Ego-Self. Here is this body. They’ll crucify it.” They wounded His body very badly as he had foreseen and foretold. “In three days I will heal it and raise it up”. Which he did. So, he had proved practically the truth of His saying and He remained with His disciples and those believing in Him for another fifty days, showing the signs from the wounds on the legs and eating with them. “Here is my material body. They have crucified it, but that is not myself.”

Do the Christians nowadays know the truth about that great, very great lesson given to the human beings? Did He not value His material body in claiming its right value? He had called the material body the temple of God. A great honor, for God the Father is in your body (also) and in your personality as your Ego-Self, as your Soul. So, He had preached the whole Truth.

I’ll give a lesson which He gave to his disciple-healers, both Israelites and Essenes. He said, “My most beloved ones, offsprings of Allaha, of our heavenly Father.” He was preaching in Greek for the Essenes and in Aramaic for the Israelites at the same time, saying “Tekhnateu”, God in the Heavens in Greek, and in Aramaic, “Ben ai Allaha abri batishmaya”. He said, “God the Father had sent you as Spirit-Soul Egos, part of your real Self, as a ray of light, to live as human beings. And an egofied Metathrone became your Guardian Archangel.” Everyone of you, all of us, have a Guardian Archangel. This we should have in mind. And then, “Allaha, expressing and manifesting Its Will/Pleasure to create a human being, said to the Holy Archangels of the Elements, to the seven orders of the Archangels, ‘Let us create man,'” Create? So, the human being is a creature, but, with a particularity now, “‘to our image and according to our likeness.'” – being God himself.

And so, these Holy Archangels co-vibrated the Will/Pleasure of God and created the human being. I repeat, “to the image and according to the likeness of Allaha” – not less. And what did the Godman gave us as an instruction and a persuasion? “Be ye perfect as perfect is your Heavenly Father.” Very enlightening words.

Now, God said to the Holy Archangels, “Materialize the human form”, by using the Mind vitality, as matter, as ether, as substance, as Super substance, and another three divine states, creating the material body of man, its etheric double, the psychical body or the emotional body, with its etheric double, the noetical body with its etheric double. These five bodies are mortal. They are changing all the time in the Worlds of Existence. But, the other two are imperishable, it is our Spirit Ego body, with its etheric double. Our Soul Self.

So, a human being is a Spirit Ego-Self, but he or she is also a Soul Ego-Self, God again, immortal, never changing. What’s the difference between the Spirit Ego-Self and the Soul Ego-Self? I’ll give an example, but a very poor one since we cannot have any better. Say we have a window, without anything on it. The Sun rays are coming, passing through the window, and leaving the shape of the window on the floor. The light of the Sun coming to the window is the same as the light passing through the window. There is nothing on the window to change it. Yet, the light from the window to the floor is getting the form of the window now. The light from the Sun to the window is our Spirit Ego-Self, God. The light from the window to the floor is our Soul Ego-Self. And the light on the floor? Our personality self. The personality self is always changing.

The law governing the Worlds of Existence (the noetical world, our noetical body, the psychical worlds, our so-called psychical body, the etheric doubles and the material body) are dual. This is the law of the Worlds of Existence. Continuously changing, it is giving us the sense of death, because our material body will not continue for a long time. But, our material body is dying every day and is regenerated, as our human body. The material body began from the spermatozoa, a baby in the belly of our mother, a girl or a boy, growing, growing, growing, to an adult, to a young man or a young woman, a middle aged man or woman, then to an old man or an old woman. We just have to go along the way of our human possibilities. To go that way is our possibility. We have to go through it. And so, St Paul said, “Every day I am dying.” And every day the Holy Archangels of the Elements are regenerating us. What does the orthodox science say today? That nothing remains in a material body – in every seven years everything is changed till the material body gets old. But, our material body is not our Self, it is not even our personality self.

I said in many lessons, as matter and substance the material bodies of all human beings are the same. Studying the body of a woman or the body of a man, I know what is the body of every woman and every man. And if the personality of a human being was the product of the material body, all women and all men would be the same and this is not so. I said, studying the bodies of a man or of a woman, you know the bodies of every man and every woman, but each man and each woman have a different personality, are expressing in the phenomena of life a different self.

Is that time-and-place self, our personality, our real Self? Yes and no. What is in our personal self is changing all the time, our emotions, our desires, our weaknesses, and our thoughts. Unceasingly changing. And that is not our real Self. All that is composing our personality’s egoism, because the egoism (and the personality) is the sum-total of elementals we are making, and these elementals are not ourselves. In order to live, this personal self is in need of our real Self, which is in it.

How can we distinguish between our Self and that which is not our Self, to know who and what we are? In our system for the Research of the Truth we give certain exercises: introspection, looking within, and using the Mind vitality in the proper way, exercising our divine nature which is observation and will power. Is there no will power in the personality of a man? No! The personality of a man is showing his obstinacy and stupidity only, not the divine will power. No one, using the obstinacy of his personality, can do anything. Yet, the Godman, using His divine will power, could materialize the Mind vitality into fish and bread and feed five thousand men (women and children not counted). On another occasion He fed four thousand. These two cases are in the Bible, in the New Testament. And I am telling you that He had done that many, many times. This is the will power, the divine will power. It has nothing to do with human obstinacy.

Now, somebody may say, “We have this human obstinacy, but don’t we have the will power also?” We as a personality? No! When you unfold your Ego-Self, your Soul Ego-Self you can express and manifest this will power, which is the characteristic of your Spirit-Soul Ego-Self. Can we do what Joshua Emmanuel the Christ had done? What did He say? “Yes, He who believes in me, in what I am teaching, can do what I am doing and even greater things than what I am doing,” because – all of us are the offspring of God, of His Father and our Father.

Coming again to what Joshua Emmanuel the Christ said to His disciples and healers. Some of you hearing the word Allaha don’t like it. But that is wrong. Why? Because the word Allaha in the Old Egyptian and in the Aramaic language is a whole sentence. Al means God, la means the Will/Pleasure of God, and kha means the Divine Plan and God’s Will/Pleasure. In what language can you find all those meanings in just one word? So, the Essenes were calling God Theos or Allaha. Now, Elohim means God in Its Plurality. Why? Why one word, elohim? Because in Its Plurality God is still in Its Oneness. Everything has its own meaning.

Now Joshua said, that God or Allaha is Life – the Inextinguishable Light. But what’s Light? That is not what we see with these two balls full of water, our eyes. It’s much, much, much more. So, He spoke about Life-Light, and He said that all the seven heavens or the Worlds of Existence had been created by the Holy Archangels of the Elements (I said all the Worlds of Existence and what is in them) by the Mind vitality, Life-Light. And He said that this Inextinguishable divine Life-Light has a luminosity of various degrees of brightness. And each variety of this luminosity-brightness gives us one of the seven Worlds of Existence.

One variety of this luminosity-brightness is giving us the vegetable kingdom, with all its beauty, trees and flowers. Another variety of luminosity-brightness (Life), is giving us the animal kingdom, rich in the phenomena of life. Yet another variety of this Light, luminosity-brightness, is giving us other things in nature, the ethereal and the psychical worlds, and then another, giving us the noetical world and whatever is in it. So, this variety of luminosity of Life-Light is giving us the seven heavens.

Now, we have spoken about matter and we talked about the vegetable kingdom, the different varieties of luminosity of Light, we spoke about the animal kingdom, again another degree of luminosity of Light, about things in the ethereal and in the psychical kingdoms, and in the noetical world. What about the human beings now? What kind of Life-Light is in a human being? He said, “I say to you, you are Gods. All of you are sons of the Almighty,” and, “the kingdom of the heavens is in you,” in your Spirit-Soul Ego-Self. That’s why we are gods.

This is a great, great theory, yet, Joshua Emmanuel the Christ, the Godman, gave it practically. “You are now my disciples, my healers and you should know that all the degrees of brightnesses, of luminosity, are manifested in you in what we call consciousness.” He spoke about sensitivity and sensibility, in the material things – they are sensitive to cold and to light. We have the sensitivity and the sensibility, in our bodies, in our muscles. He spoke about our subconsciousness. And in-between the sensitivity and the sensibility and our subconsciousness He spoke about the instinct.

So, we have the sensitivity and the sensibility in matter and in the vegetable kingdom. And He spoke about the subconsciousness. Now, the animal kingdom has the instinct and something we cannot say is even the subconsciousness. The human beings have the subconsciousness and I am telling you that ninety percent of the human beings living on the planet today are living subconsciously. Yet, there is the waking conscious-ness. How many are expressing this waking consciousness and know what they are doing? How many? Very few. Joshua Emmanuel showed us the way to unfold this waking consciousness in us and reach the self-consciousness. (Concerning our personality-self we have the false luminosity and brightness.) We have to unfold in us our real Self, which means the real self-consciousness. And He said that we should develop, unfold in us, the Self-Superconsciousness. How?

Yes, Allaha, God the Father, has given the five senses to our body, to us. These five senses are giving the awareness, taking in us the presentations from what the Holy Archangels have created around us, the material world, though – we are living in this material world instinctively and subconsciously. Apart from these five senses, do we have other senses? Seeing but not with these two little balls full of water which are our eyes? To put it more plain, can we expand our self-consciousness in space? He was doing it, and He even taught Philipos. Some of the listeners today know about this spirit-power, call it out-of-the-material-body experience or exosomatosis (a Greek word). When He was in Jerusalem, Philipos and Nathanael, His first cousin, were in Bethsaida, where their home was. And Philipos said to Nathanael, “We found the Meshaha,” the Messiah, and so they Went to Jerushalaim. There, Joshua said to Philipos, “When you were under the fig tree with Nathanael I have seen you and I have heard you,” though, many kilometers far away. Which means expansion, extension of self-consciousness in place-space.

He taught that to Philipos and to the other disciples also. Only that? Reading the actions of the apostles you read that Philipos, while being in Jerusalem, had left his material body there, materialized a body many kilometers far away from Jerusalem, under the border with Egypt, and sat near the carriage of the bodyguard of the Queen of Sheba, who was reading the chapter of Isaiah from the Old Testament. He materialized himself by the side of the Queen’s bodyguard and then, self-consciously, asked him, “Do you understand what you are reading?” Just think of that Negro Ethiopian seeing a human being materialized near him on his cart. He answered Philipos, “How can I understand, master, without somebody explaining it to me?” Then Philipos spoke to him about Joshua Emmanuel the Christ and told him that to save himself he should be baptized in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. (This is what the master had instructed us.) And then, Philipos came down from the cart, baptized the Ethiopian in the nearby water, and dematerialized his body.

This means, we have to unfold, what I call, the Superconsciousness in our personal self in order to enter the fifth heaven. And then, what more? Expanding yourself and concentrating self-consciously, to be able to see and know, not by learning now, but by at-one-ment with what is there. Can you imagine what kind of self-consciousness is that? Let us call it Self-Superconsciousness. This means that in this heaven you have to be able to know things by attunement. What’s attunement? Being in the Worlds of Existence, properly co-vibrating yet being two.

What are the next two heavens of our Spirit-Soul Ego-Self? What did Joshua Emmanuel the Christ say? “You must unfold your real Self to enter the state of the divine Oneness, by oneness or attunement, But, this state is not mundane or worldly. It’s divine, which means, you have returned back home. Yes.”

Have human beings since Joshua Emmanuel the Christ reached this state? Yes, many, but … There is a burning “but”. There are certain Spirit-Soul Egos who can be in at-one-ment with God and with the Godman, but – what is the Will/Pleasure of the Godman, of the beloved One (for me, the most beloved One)? This paradise is not for us. What did he say? “He who wants to follow me should shoulder his cross and follow me.”

So, those who reached there, some of them who gave themselves to Him, have come down to the material plane, even in the darkest hell, to serve their brethren, the human beings. Is that sacrifice? No! Because, even in the darkest hell there is Light. They are not far away from Him, because, they are self-consciously in the Omnipresence of the Father. Everything is in God the Father. Can you do that? Can you unfold within yourself this kind of self-consciousness? Yes, why not – all of you are offsprings of God.

So, human beings are living subconsciously now. But, whether we want it or not, according to the parable of the Prodigal Son, sooner or later we have to be back home, to our divine nature as Spirit-Soul Ego-Selves, and – we have to work on it. How? God has given us a perfect human body, built up and sustained by the Holy Archangels of the Elements. Yet, you know very little about that material body unless you open a book of anatomy. That body is under the supervision of the Holy Archangels of the Elements. A ray of our Spirit-Soul Ego-Self created our time-and-place mortal self and we have been given the psychical substance and the noetical substance and Super substance, the Mind vitality. What have we done with that? Unbridled desires, unbridled and uncontrolled emotions, making dirty what you call love with that stupid expression of what you call life, having in it fighting, jealousies and all that. We have made a great misuse of this Mind substance by creating bad elementals, human demons composing our personality. Yet, the heart, the pulse of Life of our personality, is our Soul Being. Now, we have been given the Mind vitality as thought to work with it, to reach understanding, knowing and wisdom, but – what have we done with it? We have made the thought a slave of unbridled emotions.

So, it’s our duty to do what? To try to make a proper psychical body and unfold our self-consciousness in it. But first of all, we have to unfold our self-consciousness on the material plane in the material body and to form our noetical body, control our thoughts, become masters of our thoughts. Now, by unfolding more of our Soul self-consciousness, manifesting our divine power we call attunement, unfolding our Self-Superconsciousness in at-one-ment with the divine – what do we find? That we are all gods, sons of the Almighty.

We have the means of knowing the truth and there is no excuse. We have it in our nature – observation and the capacity for knowing. A human being is not an animal. Every human being is a Spirit-Soul Being, a God.

I get from the minds of some of you, “Do I have to sacrifice my personality? It’s painful but I like it.” You are going to lose nothing, because every incarnation with the virtues and the vices, with the good actions and the wickedness, that total collection of the elementals, is living, is a living form. Behind you, in all your past lives, nothing is lost. There is a living total of all your experiences (elementals) in the Cosmic Memory. Living? Of course, because it is made of the Mind vitality.

And when you reach that state of “Be ye perfect as perfect is your Heavenly Father,” you will see that in every incarnation you have written, say, a book. You have it in the Cosmic Memory like in a library on its shelves. You are like a writer who is writing books. Who is preventing you to get a volume and go through it again? And reading it, you can enjoy what is enjoyable and what is painful, by the grace of God now, it will not affect you any more, because – you have got rid of those vices.

So, when you reach perfection, you are not going to lose anything. You are not going to lose your Present-Day Personality that is so precious to you now. You will find, inside you, all the volumes you have written in all your past incarnations. In perfection you are gaining, not losing. You are gaining, because, nothing made of the Mind vitality, no thoughts, no emotions, no desires are lost.

When you reach the attunement, you can attune yourself to any one of your incarnations. Can we, by at-one-ment, enter into that living total elemental of our past personality? If you wish to, you can. But, why would you? Is not the attunement seeing and knowing? Anyhow, it’s nothing that I wish to do myself. Attunement is worthwhile with Joshua Emmanuel the Christ and with God and not with past elementals. And then, you can use the at-one-ment for God and the attunement for anything you like. But, you can never do that unless you reach the highest level of Self-Superconsciousness. You can do it. You can become the master of visualization, in introspection, and of the right meditation, manifesting your divine state of observation. The Mind vitality is given to you as your daily bread. Use it properly to feed yourself and to make your psychical and noetical body, just as you are making with it (by eating and drinking) your material body. And Joshua Emmanuel said that it is not only with bread that a man should be fed, but with the Mind vitality from our Heavenly Father. Who is where? Everywhere and inside your Spirit-Soul Ego-Self. So, stop living as the animal life around you. The Seekers of the Truth should live as human beings, as Archangels, and as gods.

Now, we’ll make an exercise.

I’ll use the English words for that which Joshua Emmanuel the Christ, our beloved master, said in Greek and in Aramaic.

Relax completely. The body is yours, but not you. The Holy Archangels and the Holy Spirit are sustaining it now and they give you the right to use it as your own. It is your own. It is the temple of God, of God and your Self Being. Make this temple of God a congregation of angelic elementals. Take away from this temple all human demons as evil elementals, jealousy, evil behavior, weaknesses, unbridled desires and emotions. Keep as a congregation in the temple of this body the human angels, good elementals. Create good elementals in the light of love. In every temple there is the holy of the hollies. Make your heart the holy of the hollies of God. In the holy of the hollies, there is also the altar. Make it in your heart. The Inextinguishable Light-Life is burning on the altar. The Holy Archangels are living in your heart. You are living too. It is the pulse of Life. Now, light another lamp, your personality’s love to God and to all human beings around you, and live with these two flames of light in your love on the altar of your heart – love to God and love to all human beings. Don’t allow that flame to flicker. It is a perfect light.


Tomorrow the lesson will be on elementals and how to construct human angels.”